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  • Jun 05 2016 10:31
    @alexvandesande banned @adamskee
  • Mar 16 2016 01:12
    @alexvandesande banned @scbosse
Also, anyone want to participate in some token tests??
John Frederic Kosanke
In a token, what is the most streamlined Solidity code to allow any token holder to freeze a all or part of the account of any other holder of the token if he freezes an equal amount in his own wallet (to initiate a democracy event).
Hi friends,
I started a dummy account on the ethereum platform, and I would like to delete it and stat a real one
Mohamad Fadil
hi everyone
how do I convert a string into a int ?
hello here
how do i create an ether wallet like bitcoin for use
Alex Van de Sande
@Istartups have you tried downloading the one displaied on ethereum.org?
i use a chromebook
@alexvandesande thanks but i use a chromebook and am at home away from my work pc
Alex Van de Sande
then you might want to try a web wallet like my ether wallet
so does that mean i cant have a wallet without downloading
okay can i have the link sir
Hi Im new here and Im trying to understand Ethereum, it confuses me so much.
Rodolfo Emmanuel
well.what questions do you have about ethereum @eyisus because I'm new myself. however. about two years ago. I read the bitcoin official whitepaper by mr. Nakamoto. and I tell you, I did not understand it at all. It is an academic whitepaper. So many of the information that you read or hear without prior knowledge of certain keywords. it may be alittle difficult to understand. it depends on your technical background. "Actually". But in short. "Ethereum is a network/platform/distributed/decentralized network similar to bitcoin but also, it has its own independent properties. and this network allows anyone who downloads the software to enter and connect in the network, and enter into an economy based on the internet. guys what else did I miss?
Are there any official moderators on here that answer questions, or do users only interact here? I have some important questions I want to ask about building and using tokens.
hello, who can tell me what are differences between the main network and testnet in funcitons or others?
@czl30956 the main net is where live transactions take place and the test net is where you can "test" your skill with valueless coins.
I am using web3.py library to interact with pyethapp. Written the following code to create an account and run with "python create_account.py" command. But getting "socket.timeout: timed out" Error.
from web3 import Web3, RPCProvider web3rpc = Web3(RPCProvider(host="", port="4000", connection_timeout=100, network_timeout=100)) web3rpc.personal.newAccount('insoftindia') print web3rpc.eth.accounts
Hi, I’m a newcomer to ethereum dev. Sorry for noob question, but how do you deploy a contract on a private network? So far, I have no ether, so I can’t run any apps for testing…
how can you mine ethereum with a 1060 gtx?
@coolandsmartrr if you have create private network, connect it to mist wallet and start mining. You will get lots of ethers in a few minutes. From there you can go to contracts and deploy them
How do you actually raise money with your Cowdfunding contract? How do you spread the word about your idea?
Charlie Morris
In smart contracts, is it the naming of the first function that makes it run on contract execution? Or is it the fact that it is the first function in the contract?
Yoichi Hirai
@chtmorris the caller chooses which function should run.
Artem Kashin
Hello! Can someone help me with a Crowdsale tutorial on ethereum: I have a Crowdsale contract with a goal reached and with association as bebeficiary, but I can't understand how to withdraw funds from crownfund to assocation, I trying to execute "Safe Withdrawal" function but it does not help
Charlie Morris
@pirapira my understanding is that as a contract is deployed there is one function that runs. In the Ethereum greeter tutorial example, it is the "greeter" function that is executed. The caller can then call the "greet" function. So my question is, why is it the "greeter" function that runs when the contract is executed and not the "greet" function?
Hi everyone! I was studying the DAO tutorial and I think I found something strange in the explaining text. This is the extract: 'On the "select function" picker, choose "Change Membership". Add the address of the person you want to make a member and check the box can vote (to remove a member, do the same but leave the box unticked)'. It does not seem to represent well how the function addMember() works. Or have I lost anything?
Yoichi Hirai
@chtmorris I see your question now. Yes, when the contract is deployed, a function runs. This function has the same name as the contract.
Charlie Morris
@pirapira thank you!
Jerome de Tychey
hi there
is this information still true ?
Currently, due to a lack of clear information about how miners will behave in reality, we are going with a fairly simple approach: a voting system. Miners have the right to set the gas limit for the current block to be within ~0.0975% (1/1024) of the gas limit of the last block, and so the resulting gas limit should be the median of miners' preferences. The hope is that in the future we will be able to soft-fork this into a more precise algorithm.
Jerome de Tychey
edit: yes it is
Hi, I'm getting [] instead of ['Solidity'] when running eth.getCompilers() ... but I've installed solidity and restarted the ethereum wallet and restarted the computer. What am I missing?
"$ which solc" gives me "/usr/local/bin/solc" (I'm on Mac)
And I installed via "Brew"
Is it possible that it's because I don't have Xcode installed?
ok, there's this error: "Error: solc: exec: "solc": executable file not found in $PATH" ... but it's encompassing folder is in my $PATH of my bash and I can execute it from anywhere...
Hi... Four days ago, i got about 2000 Ether after mining in test-net. But I find all money is gone yesterday. Does any body have the same problem ?
Nur Azhar
Hi can someone tutor me on what's the recommended wallet to be use on chromebook?
for eth
besides Jaxx
Neo Wenyuan
@nurazhar can take a look at myetherwallet.com