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  • Jun 05 2016 10:31
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Ilya Solovyanov
Hi, Question: If i provide crowdsale through Ethereum Wallet and investor want to pay with QR code (with any mobile app), how he find my tokens in his mobile wallet system?
@PapyVinsou also interested
Yoichi Hirai
@PapyVinsou somebody has watch a smart contract, and this somedoby needs to send an email.
@PapyVinsou if you don't want to rely on one party, you can set up a game, where players are rewarded for sending emails.
Hi I want to create my own cryto currency How I can do this?
I want to use this with my .net application
@gargvicky here you go.. You should start with this https://www.ethereum.org/token
Any of you guys worked with calling an external javascript for contracts developed in Truffle ?
Is there a way to use ethereum in order to certify the existence of a trading signal?
Amitesh Pathak
Can someone please guide me as to how I can start developing a online voting platform using blockchain, using Ethereum..?
What tools will I need?
To start with you'll need to learn solidity, web3. You would also need truffle to run tests on your smart contract
You can also use browser solidity tool
Amitesh Pathak
@prashanth-devadas Thanks :)
Here are a few links u can try
It is best if u start with https://www.ethereum.org
Its comprehensive but best
Amitesh Pathak
thanks again @prashanth-devadas
Neo Wenyuan
is there a GUI for truffle?
Rickard Schoultz
The Crowdsale example code from ethereum.org does not seem to pass the formal verification in the Remix IDE.
@all What does ERC in ERC20 token standard stands for? Pardon my ignorance
Hi guys, I am really desperate atm. Is there any damn tutorial on how to write, compile and deploy a simple smart contract just using the geth console that actually works without flaws? I mean I've been searching for quite a while now, and everything I've tried just yields errors. Mainly due to weird syntax changes of both, the geth console as well as solidity. I am just looking for a step by step tutorial with code that I simply can copy-paste. It cannot be that difficult to get into the ethereum world...
hey, i'd like to know how to use ethereum for maintenence of records?
Hello, i'm new to ethereum; i followed the tutorial for the MyAdvancedToken stuff on https://www.ethereum.org/token ; i do not understand why i'm not able to do the sell or buy-contract methods after deployment; neither on my local "testrpc" nor at the ethereum testnet; what are the requirements to use these functions?
@tkdp Can you please share what message are you seeing on execution? You can also try pasting the sample token code to browser solidity and see if you get the same error message https://ethereum.github.io/browser-solidity/
hi @prashanth-devadas in Mist on executing the contract i get the message: "The contract won't allow this transaction to be executed"; in Remix i get the message "VM Exception: invalid JUMP at dad32543c81e8346e8a548323669dbf8c168bc65d83b69d8ec27c0baf6c652d6/692a70d2e424a56d2c6c27aa97d1a86395877b3a:5589"
@tkdp Cannot help you much with that info. Can you please share the code https://gist.github.com
Looks like a bug
@prashanth-devadas i just stored the code in tkdp/gist:1cff1b5e5de6a8bb092d141d4899abe1
I'm sorry.. May be you missed part of the URL. I searched on gist couldn't find anything with the string you've pasted
intrinsic gas-too low error message is showing while creating contract
what should i need to do
hello, Why when i send ether i dont see my balance on apllication in this case i could never create my contract.
Hello, i am new to the crypto world, I am a co-owner of a cosmetic company that needs to raise some funding to scale, we are very profitable. Who do I speak with about smart contracts here? Would this be something the Ethereum community would support?
I am new to Blockchain and Ethereum world
Have installed Microsoft Azure cloud , created nodes, able to perform transaction using Meta app
Want to create a new custom application
plz advice on any relevant links
Hello! I have a problem deploying the Token contract found on ethereum site. I get the error intrinsic gas too low. What should I do?
Hello dudes. Can you help me find info about creating administration of smart contract. I want to be able to define three administrators during constructiong contract. Thanx a lot.
@/all here is a new site that'll contain the Remix documentation. a bit empty for now but we will update it frequently - there are already 3 tutorials - http://remix.readthedocs.io
Remix is available at http://remix.ethereum.org
is there any crowdfunded AI projects you know of via ether?
would love to meet and exchange experiences
Tanmay Bhardwaj
Can someone please suggest online resources or tutorials to understand and code in ETHEREUM from the very beginning ?