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  • Jun 05 2016 10:31
    @alexvandesande banned @adamskee
  • Mar 16 2016 01:12
    @alexvandesande banned @scbosse
intrinsic gas-too low error message is showing while creating contract
what should i need to do
hello, Why when i send ether i dont see my balance on apllication in this case i could never create my contract.
Hello, i am new to the crypto world, I am a co-owner of a cosmetic company that needs to raise some funding to scale, we are very profitable. Who do I speak with about smart contracts here? Would this be something the Ethereum community would support?
I am new to Blockchain and Ethereum world
Have installed Microsoft Azure cloud , created nodes, able to perform transaction using Meta app
Want to create a new custom application
plz advice on any relevant links
Hello! I have a problem deploying the Token contract found on ethereum site. I get the error intrinsic gas too low. What should I do?
Hello dudes. Can you help me find info about creating administration of smart contract. I want to be able to define three administrators during constructiong contract. Thanx a lot.
@/all here is a new site that'll contain the Remix documentation. a bit empty for now but we will update it frequently - there are already 3 tutorials - http://remix.readthedocs.io
Remix is available at http://remix.ethereum.org
is there any crowdfunded AI projects you know of via ether?
would love to meet and exchange experiences
Tanmay Bhardwaj
Can someone please suggest online resources or tutorials to understand and code in ETHEREUM from the very beginning ?
@abidarahma increase the gas while submitting the contract. what are you using to submit the contract. & where r u deploying it ?
@build121 they got lot more development to deal to. I guess you must talk to someone who is well verse in that. may be upload a job on upwork might do the trick.
@ravikr22 increase the gas while submitting the contract. what are you using to submit the contract. & where r u deploying it ?
Tanmay Bhardwaj
@vikas1188 : Thanks for your reply...
@tkdp you might be trying to pass certain ethers to the contract and not implemented the "payable" function. it happens with solidity version ^0.4.0 .please check that. It's not a bug @prashanth-devadas

@tkdp these deployed contract shall not do anything until u call them from outside using web3/RPC mechanism.

Hello, i'm new to ethereum; i followed the tutorial for the MyAdvancedToken stuff on https://www.ethereum.org/token ; i do not understand why i'm not able to do the sell or buy-contract methods after deployment; neither on my local "testrpc" nor at the ethereum testnet; what are the requirements to use these functions?

Joshua Leigh
Explore our chat community on Gitter: https://gitter.im/dotnetdevelopersdao
simple question...Do I need to have ether in my wallet in order to deploy my own custom token?
@baxterfinch Yes
So investing is buying coins?
How does one buy coins then?
sagar jethi
Hello everyone,
i am to new blockchain .i need develop career blockchain
but i have same question
Where start learning fundament blockchain?
What should per requirements knowledge?
how i can start blockchain app development ?
any demo opent souce app useing blockchain
Hi, I am trying to deploy The Shareholder Association contract but I receive an error:
Undeclared identifier.
ProposalTallied(proposalNumber, result, quorum, p.proposalPassed);
for 'result'
I already created my own token and it worked without any problem
Does everyone get this problem ?
and i am using Mist on the test network
Andrew Plaza
so how do you deploy contracts on the network?
Yoichi Hirai
@InsidiousMind the only way I know is to send a transaction from geth.
@Stigjf which tutorial are you following?
Hi every one, may I know can I build a transaction inside of a contract?
@ashbringerf From my understanding, contracts can only send messages (not transactions) to other contracts, as transactions need to be signed by an externally owned account. Someone please feel free to confirm/correct me.
Jeffrey Anthony
Ethereum cannot tell the difference between a human and a contract account. I'm not sure about 'building' a transaction inside a contract but afaik it can send a transaction if it has been programmed to do so.
Yoichi Hirai
@jeffanthony EXTCODESIZE instruction can tell if an address has some code or no code.
@pirapira I tried to paste the code of the Shareholder Association: https://ethereum.org/dao#the-shareholder-association
@pirapira and i received the error : Undeclared identifier. ProposalTallied(proposalNumber, result, quorum, p.proposalPassed); and 'result' is underlined
@pirapira I already tried the codes of Token and Blockchain Congress and it worked without any issues
Yoichi Hirai
I get the same error.
Replace result with 0 and the code compiles...