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Codes n commands
If you want to learn to code you should look it up on Google. It's not something easily explained through the text
I can't just explain that... People go to school for that.
So who can teach here
hi somebody speack spanish? i have a lot of question about virtual money. i need help :). but my english is bad. somebody help me. please :)
Parthasarathy Ramanujam
I know I am missing something very simple but I amunable to figure it out.
may be i can help
Parthasarathy Ramanujam
Yes please. Any help will be truly appreciated. I have described my problem on stackexchange.

I am having trouble creating a private ethereum network on AWS. I have enabled TCP/UDP for the desired ports in the firewall in AWS.

On one node A(aws instance) I start the geth console by making use of a custom genesis file using command

geth --datadir="ethdata" init fresh.json
I then execute geth on the same node A using the following command

geth --datadir="ethdata" --networkid 1234 console
Now I startup another AWS instance node B. Here to I initilize geth using the custom genesis file

geth --datadir="ethdata" init fresh.json
And then start geth console in node B using

geth --datadir="ethdata" --networkid 1234 console
And then in node B I execute the following command

admin.addPeer("<enode of the nodeA")
The above command returns me true

However admin.peers in both node A and node B comes up with empty strings.

Occasionally I am able to view other peers connected to either of these nodes (probably because I am executing geth without --nodiscover option), but I am still unsuccessful in establishing a peer-peer connection between my two nodes.

Please advise what could I be going wrong.

PS: I have tried with the bootnode option as well, but still no success.

Question: Can I have just bootnode running on node A and then node B having a geth console running that connects to the enode using bootnodes "enode url" ? Although I did try this, it still didnt result in a proper peer-peer connection.

I interfered at Ethereum at the end of last year, I would have had to buy some.
Do you think it's more viable and interesting than Onecoin?
Thank you
Hello, how can we use Metamask to send transaction to contract on the testnet via web3 ?
yo i want to create my own crypto currency i follow https://www.ethereum.org/token but then it tells me No data is deployed on the contract address!
what does that mean pappa ?
and it took my ether
i demand my ether back
where is he
Jeffrey Anthony
practice with a testnet
I m looking to start a own cryptocurrency .
can someone help to install and setup ethereum in windows7?
Hello, can somebody from customer service give me details for the business line create your own crypto currency ?
If I create my crypto currency won `t be ethereum currency ?
Guys can I create and start my own crypto currency without going through a crowdsale of ICO ?
Elijah Sora Kim
@JPITrader Yes, you can https://ethereum.org/token but it will cost ether to make/utilize the token. It will probably only be worth something for you and your friends, given that you all agree that it has value
Excellent thanks
Kehinde Adeoya
How profitable is it to mine Ethereum on Amazon EC2 today?
Presently developing a project on Ethereum and it would preferable to mine than buy ether, so I saw a documentation - https://github.com/angelomilan/ethereum-guides/blob/master/GPU-cloud_mining.md that detailed how to, my concern is what’s the profitability in terms of the profit if the cost is - USD $2.60 / hr?
Thiago ZRX
Thiago ZRX
Simple doubt
Guillermo García Rojas C.
It is
Thiago ZRX
But not compile?
Is not compiling
Do not compile, do not implant, it's a real shit.
*Do not compile, do not deploy, it's a real shit.
Thiago ZRX
Since nobody saw this shit
Guillermo García Rojas C.
I don't know how to compile
Do you have ETH there?
click in "contract" menu
is simple
but not work
it's a shit
Guillermo García Rojas C.
I used it as a download, not web
Thiago ZRX
desktop vervison also is a shit, not work
Nothing works in ethereum
I'm tired
Could someone explain this officially?
Nobody sees this of ethereum?