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Jeffrey Anthony
@kartike22 As long as you have full control over the account, for instance a Coinbase wallet would not be all that handy.
@Katsu1991 yes, you'll need Ether to pay the gas fees to write to the network, Deploy = Write
@pirapira ty for the lead to EXTCODESIZE, I was unaware
is there a place I can hire someone to develop my a coin. I want something like pivx with a twist
Yoichi Hirai
@jeffanthony you're welcome
Any one can explain me how to clean dev in solidity (+ oraclize). What tools do you need, how test your contract ...
So I launch testrpc (with —mnemonic for use oraclize and --accounts 5 to generate 5 wallet). Then I start bridge-ethereum (for oraclize) with -a 4 (and I add OAR = OraclizeAddrResolverI(…); in my contract constructor). Then I make a dev directory and generate the truffle init example. Finnaly I add the Oraclize.api (localy) and the OAR (specific to my testrpc mnemonic) in a sample oraclize example like DieselPriceUSD. I compile the contract. But I can’t reach it (with web3js).
Hello guys!
I'm new in this blockchain technology. I would like to study blockchain and someday fork or create my own. Any suggestions where to start?
Hello !
I need help with powering my Etherium account with test Ether. For info I use this site but I have not received any balance.
Thank you.
Hi all for beginners and professionals there's a new book called master Blockchain, it's a good read :)
Hi there, I want to raise funds for a vehicle manufacturing project, do you think I can use Ethereum platform for it?
Hi I've created a custom contract token but when I go to deploy it it errors out saying No Data is deployed on the contract address
what does that mean does anyone know?
@gusvarelab Using Ethereum to Converting the currency called Ether which is a crypto currency into real money should be handle independently then raising funds using cryptocurrency As conversion can cost money. I would recommend first try to build a private network Here are some tutorial and info video list
i'm new to ethereum
i'm interested in adding a smart functionality to my wordpress website
is that possible?
12 May 2017 we organize ETHEREUM CONFERENCE in Kiev (for 100 persons), UNITFactory, we are inviting speakers and project representatives
Jordan Miller
May I ask, as a novice programmer where can one go to learn how to program making an ethereum transaction... or looking up how much ether is in a particular address? All the tutorials I can find are about smart contracts, but I need to learn how to do more basic stuff than that. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
This is a forum por developers that want to implement ethereum ? is out there a real specialist on it or its just between us?
Jeffrey Anthony
the specialists are the tutorials we're following, you can come here to ask questions about them if you need assistance
@legitstack Try if you are using javascript
Thiago ZRX
hello everyone
i create a token but i need send 0.50000000 CoinExample
but token send only 1 or 2 or 10
integer only
how to send decimals values only?
There is an example of how to send funds on this page
The interface has ability to take decimals
I have 4 questions on token issuance with Ethereum:
  1. How much ether should I except to pay if I create a token inside Ethereum?
  2. Will a higher transaction volume with this token mean a higher cost?
  3. Do transactions in Ethereum carry a transaction cost in ether/gas? Who covers the cost and how do you avoid spam transactions?
  4. Is there a transaction confirmation time with tokens inside Ethereum?
James Sangalli

Hey guys, built a web app that allows you to run any deployed contract by pasting the abi and contract address in the url params or in the text boxes on site. This is great for if you have smart contracts but no ui to interact with it. Here is the link:

to run an dApp with the url simply go:

let me know what you guys think!
example contract in url:,%22inputs%22:%5B%7B%22name%22:%22vendor%22,%22type%22:%22address%22%7D%5D,%22name%22:%22trade%22,%22outputs%22:%5B%5D,%22payable%22:false,%22type%22:%22function%22%7D,%7B%22constant%22:false,%22inputs%22:%5B%7B%22name%22:%22username%22,%22type%22:%22string%22%7D,%7B%22name%22:%22location%22,%22type%22:%22string%22%7D%5D,%22name%22:%22addUser%22,%22outputs%22:%5B%7B%22name%22:%22%22,%22type%22:%22string%22%7D%5D,%22payable%22:false,%22type%22:%22function%22%7D,%7B%22constant%22:false,%22inputs%22:%5B%7B%22name%22:%22vendor%22,%22type%22:%22address%22%7D,%7B%22name%22:%22isPositive%22,%22type%22:%22bool%22%7D,%7B%22name%22:%22message%22,%22type%22:%22string%22%7D%5D,%22name%22:%22giveReputation%22,%22outputs%22:%5B%5D,%22payable%22:false,%22type%22:%22function%22%7D,%7B%22constant%22:false,%22inputs%22:%5B%7B%22name%22:%22user%22,%22type%22:%22address%22%7D%5D,%22name%22:%22viewReputation%22,%22outputs%22:%5B%7B%22name%22:%22%22,%22type%22:%22uint256%22%7D,%7B%22name%22:%22%22,%22type%22:%22uint256%22%7D,%7B%22name%22:%22%22,%22type%22:%22uint256%22%7D,%7B%22name%22:%22%22,%22type%22:%22uint256%22%7D,%7B%22name%22:%22%22,%22type%22:%22uint256%22%7D%5D,%22payable%22:false,%22type%22:%22function%22%7D,%7B%22payable%22:false,%22type%22:%22fallback%22%7D,%7B%22anonymous%22:false,%22inputs%22:%5B%7B%22indexed%22:true,%22name%22:%22user%22,%22type%22:%22address%22%7D,%7B%22indexed%22:true,%22name%22:%22message%22,%22type%22:%22string%22%7D%5D,%22name%22:%22_positiveReputation%22,%22type%22:%22event%22%7D,%7B%22anonymous%22:false,%22inputs%22:%5B%7B%22indexed%22:true,%22name%22:%22user%22,%22type%22:%22address%22%7D,%7B%22indexed%22:true,%22name%22:%22message%22,%22type%22:%22string%22%7D%5D,%22name%22:%22_negativeReputation%22,%22type%22:%22event%22%7D,%7B%22anonymous%22:false,%22inputs%22:%5B%7B%22indexed%22:true,%22name%22:%22username%22,%22type%22:%22string%22%7D,%7B%22indexed%22:true,%22name%22:%22location%22,%22type%22:%22string%22%7D,%7B%22indexed%22:true,%22name%22:%22user%22,%22type%22:%22address%22%7D%5D,%22name%22:%22_addUser%22,%22type%22:%22event%22%7D,%7B%22anonymous%22:false,%22inputs%22:%5B%7B%22indexed%22:true,%22name%22:%22vendor%22,%22type%22:%22address%22%7D,%7B%22indexed%22:true,%22name%22:%22buyer%22,%22type%22:%22address%22%7D%5D,%22name%22:%22_newTrade%22,%22type%22:%22event%22%7D,%7B%22anonymous%22:false,%22inputs%22:%5B%7B%22indexed%22:true,%22name%22:%22user%22,%22type%22:%22address%22%7D,%7B%22indexed%22:true,%22name%22:%22positive%22,%22type%22:%22uint256%22%7D,%7B%22indexed%22:true,%22name%22:%22negative%22,%22type%22:%22uint256%22%7D,%7B%22indexed%22:false,%22name%22:%22total%22,%22type%22:%22uint256%22%7D,%7B%22indexed%22:false,%22name%22:%22burnedEth%22,%22type%22:%22uint256%22%7D,%7B%22indexed%22:false,%22name%22:%22burnedCoins%22,%22type%22:%22uint256%22%7D%5D,%22name%22:%22_viewedReputation%22,%22type%22:%22event%22%7D%5D/0x706af303364dc89a6b8dba265947442b05e84776

i need help
getting the message "Source file does not specify required compiler version!Consider adding "pragma solidity ^0.4.8
contract MyToken {
Spanning multiple lines."
Hi @everyone. I was wondering how to create more ETH on Token via app and what the main purpose of the app. Thanks @everyone
need help
who can assist here
Eugeniu Rusu
@etherceo1x1 I guess you can just post your question here.
its been 3 days i bough ether but nothing is showing here on my account
any one can help me
Rocky Fikki
Did you check your account on
wait i will check it just now sir
but its deal