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thax Jeffrey
how can i offer 10% of my custom-token to investors during ICO? Eg -> invest now, when myToken is minted later, 10% gets split proportionally between investors
contract InvestorContract { ... 
// addresses of investors
mapping (address => uint256) public balanceOf; }

function contractEnd() {
    // logic to split investor shares into MyToken ?
Anthony Albertorio
Hey Guys!
How do I get started learning about Ethereum and smart contracts?
Ethereum.org has a starter token dapp
you can start learning there I guess
Anthony Albertorio
Thanks @yungsarria
How did you learn and get involved with the community?
I start reading @ ethereum.org/token last week learnt a lot already
Anthony Albertorio
Thanks @xlcrr
How has been the learning curve @xlcrr ?
solidity is quite easy to pick up but i have not found much info beyond the basic templates yet
there are still a few things i don't understand
like, do I need to run a full node? and how much eth should a contract store - and does this pay for the gas transactions of users or do they pay themselves?
Anthony Albertorio
Aaa I am looking at this basic book here: http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920056072.do
that looks cool. thanks for that. I also bought 2 udemy courses last week for €10 each
have to say, anytime i asked a q on one of the courses i got a response right away. my init problem was storing the blockchain externally
@xlcrr have you done your own smart contract already?
not yet, working on it
Does anyone know why starting my coin using the directions from Eths website is not compiling?
Undeclared identifier.
if (balanceOf[_from] < _value) throw; // Check if the sender has enough
Philippe Castonguay
Are _value and _from accessible to the current function?
Anthony Albertorio
Which Udemy Courses do you recommend @xlcrr ?
depends what you want to do, the courses i saw helped me set up a private network but tbh ive learnt more from the docs
i grabbed 2 of them for a tenner each, not worth significantly more imo
Hello! I tried to upload ETH via bitcoin in Ethereum Wallet, send it to adress that was shown, but closed the window with adress before I recieved ETH, so it was about 8 hours ago, and I still haven`t recieved it. Maybe someone had the same problem? Thank you
Has any of you done a ethereum hackaton or have gone through one?
Hello to create a token do i need to have some Ether balance already in my account?
@cryptocosta Correct me if I'm wrong because im very very new but isn't a token part of a contract and a contract requires gas (eth) to publish to the block chain. So yeah you need some eth to cover gas payments to miners...
Yoichi Hirai
@breatheasy7 "upload ETH via bitcoin" does not sound like a thing to me.
John Williamson
How can I access the metamask web3 instance in React properly?
Pradeep Siddappa
I have just started to explore ethereum and smart contracts. I am deploying Ethereum DAO tutorial contract (Congress). Whenever I am trying to deploy with any gas price in Ethereum Mist, its showing out of gas. Currently running on testnet. Can anyone help me please.
what do you folks think of tzeos
Does anyone know why I am getting an error in this line of code ? " function transfer(address _to, uint256 _value) {"
The code listed in the "THE CODE" section isn't working for me
Undeclared identifier.
if (balanceOf[_from] < _value) throw; // Check if the sender has enough
I copied it exactly but I get this error back
I'm a complete novice and don't know how to fix it
@AmericanNirvana did you intialize the balanceOf variable beforehand?
I am a beginner and know nothing about ethereum application. Whats the best way to start?
im about to deploy a contract but i just downloaded ethereum wallet on a new pc. 1% blockchain has been downloaded so far, is that why I cannot deploy the contract i just coded?
Guillermo García Rojas C.
@darshanbnayak the best way to start is going to the Ethereum website, Google for it
whats difference the token for coin?
i am br :) my inglish is bad
What is the difference between the token and the coin(currency, Altcoin)?
Guillermo García Rojas C.
Is the same, right?
Adnan Karšić
@darshanbnayak hey, do you want to learn with me. i'm noob too
Anthony Albertorio