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  • Jun 05 2016 10:31
    @alexvandesande banned @adamskee
  • Mar 16 2016 01:12
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@Arina66 You should help yourself by using Google and Bing.
I am still getting "this transaction will fail" when I try to deploy this contract at any stages in ethereum wallet as instructed. ideas?
I have adjusted the gas
Todd Abraham
Ok, really sorry everyone, I've made a mess here.
The part of the code that the compiler is not accepting is the 'throw;'
I get a message that says "throw' is deprecated in favour of "revert()", "require()" and "assert()".
Does that mean I should be replacing throw with one of these three statements?
@toddabraham require(balanceOf[msg.sender] >= _value && balanceOf[_to] + _value >= balanceOf[_to]); Please delete duplicate posts.
Todd Abraham
@phalexo Is your comment meant to help me with what the code should be changed to or?
@toddabraham yes
Todd Abraham
@phalexo I see. Instead of Throw; at the end of the code, require() precedes the statement. Is that right?
Todd Abraham
@phalexo Can you help me understand what's happened? What's changed?
Todd Abraham
It seems as though the tutorial on the Ethereum page for Create your own crypto-currency is out of date.
Can anyone lead me to an up-to-date beginners tutorial?
Todd Abraham
Is there a way to make the ethereum wallet backwards compatible so that I can run the code used on the etherum.org tutorials?
I have a few questions as well. First off, how do I connect the Wallet and token to my private test network?
hello. would you help me out . how do you test and run the test program on remix or any environment?
Zander Kai
Is it possible to send a contract from frontend (like meteor) to local private network on backend without intermediaries like mist wallet or metamask?
I can't get my contract to be added to ethereum without using those tools
hi you all
I got error on compile dao org code: "throw" is deprecated in favour of "revert()", "require()" and "assert()".
what do I replace "throw" with?
i dont have ETH so how to start a new cryptocurrency??
Todd Abraham
@Ankit8734 Try following this instructional video....
Speaking of. I'm actually having a problem with the process. I've recently requested, but the Ether is not showing up in my account on Ethereum Wallet. Any ideas why?
My contract has 0 confirmation after an entire day, what should I do?
Asking again: Does anyone know how to connect your own token to a private test network? Not finding any tutorials on that.
Yu-Chien Hung (Robin)
Hey guys, I just made a tutorial about creating a simple token with the CLI wallet launched by Geth in the private network. If you're interested, go check it out! :) https://medium.com/@RobinHung/ethereum-beginners-guide-create-a-simple-cryptocurrency-5698f1261b29
I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks a lot!
Brooks Boyd
@shl173 You mean the transaction to create your contract hasn't been confirmed? What's the transaction hash of the creation transaction?
@redconedev What do you mean by "connect"? If you've written a contract for your own token, you can choose to deploy it on the main blockchain, or you can deploy it on a private blockchain. But a private blockchain by its very nature is not going to have any visibility to the main block chain (and vice versa).

@syneme The solidity code you're trying to compile likely has something like

if (_bar < 10) then {

You'd need to replace the whole block with assert(_bar >= 10). Note I put the whole 'if' conditional in the assert call, and flipped the operator on it.

Anna Vladi
anybody has programmed an asset on ethereum yet?
Brooks Boyd
An asset like a token? Yes, I have!
Anna Vladi
more complex then token.....valuation of equity/liability, P2P lending of equity
I'm using the improved token and crowdsale smart contracts from ethereum.org... I don't want to use a DAO to approve transactions, can anyone advise on which way to do it? ,I;ve tried approving the crowdsale to spend tokens, but afterwards when i try to send ether to it, enough to complete the crowdsale, however, funding goal always 0.....
Andrea Corsini
@keni7385 was that adressed to me?
basically I want to make a crowdsale without a DAO that enable token holders to vote.
The tokens are sent to my etherbase, I just want the crowdsale contract to distribute them to participants based on their contribution
Is there any kind of decentralized cheap Shipping DAO ??
Shipping decentralized?
cheap global Shipping?
Satyam Agrawal
send me link
Hello, help. Wrote a smart contract creating a token. Poured into the purse of MIST. The fourth day is worth, confirming 0 of 12. What to do ?
Henrique Leite

Hello guys, I am studying about smart contracts and I am use the example Ballot of the site solidity.readthedocs.io.

I saw that informations is salved in a vector, is common it? I believe that this vector will grow and my gas to compile the contract too. I think it is invalid, I want to save the informations of my clients outside the contract without to use Vector. Example, name, age e document outside my contract. Is it possible?

Patrick McCorry
@falehenrique it is cheaper to store that off-chain