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  • Jun 05 2016 10:31
    @alexvandesande banned @adamskee
  • Mar 16 2016 01:12
    @alexvandesande banned @scbosse
can someone send me a repo of eth ICO contracts?
alio garaz. proverka sviazi
disassemble wallet binaries
poshli gliuki
softa nagnulas. budem chenit' .
@jmelendez025 did you solve your problem with deploying DAO? I have the same problem with the code. Please help if you can:)
I use Rinkeby testnet and sometimed the codes gives errors. Can you guys advice any other testnets for crowdsale testing?
has anyone had a situation where TT balance is 0
Kevin Liu
Can someone help me with https://www.ethereum.org/dao tutorial?
When i try compiling the contract it runs into a bunch of errors in Mist 9.0.0
I am able to get the contract compiled in remix but do not know how to deploy that to my private chain in the Mist UI
Denis Coman
Hi. Can you recomand me the best tutorials to get started with etehereum abd smart contracts?
i have doubt in auturefill
me too @deniscoman
Do you guys know of an alternative app to Mist that I can use to create / deploy contracts?
I am trying to get through Ethereum's tutorial here https://ethereum.org/token#how-to-deploy . But everytime I go to deploy Mist ends up 'disconnecting from network', or having problems with nodes, or just randomly stops working.
Hi dear I want to create my own crypto currency
Hello please reply how can I Creat my own crypto currency
Mike Lange
Just an FYI. Nothing personal in any way shape or form. But you're not going to create a Central Mint https://ethereum.org/token#central-mint over night. Read everything line by line. Fail. We have. But fix this mistakes. Learn what a blockchain is withed Value Added Services (IBM for example). From scratch write an algo that mines a non reproducible currency. Then you will understand it fully. Only saying that because you have to get angry and get your hards dirty. But do not fret and learn this stuff. This IS the future of the internet. Client server has less than 8 years. And that's only because our phones suck. lol. I'll be open sourcing some code as soon as really get into this. go to my GitHub and grab the code. No problem at all. Good luck everyone. But do not despair, this is whey way the internet is going to play out. Ethereum is just making it east for us (no joke). And I DO not work for them. actually just logged on and will start going though everything, but it's straight forward compared to writing your own...
Someone can help me to update the compiler version from 0.4.13+commit.0fb4cb1a.Emscripten.clang to 0.4.16?
I am creating my own coin and I have followed all steps defined in https://cryptonotestarter.org/inner.html
Also I have created a GUI WALLET for it and now I am trouble that how would my coin will be show in other exchange sites. I mean I have followed all the steps but now I want to launch my coin in market with its symbol and uses. How my coin will be in use to others. So kindly help and guide.
Benjamin Bollen
hi ! is there a repository for the code discussed on ethereum.org/dao ?
every testrpc shows new set of accounts... can we make the same accounts to show up everytime
Deepak B N
On what condition block will be closed for new one?
i have questions
how can i create a token system so they can buy tokens for the merchandise im selling
Does any one Create a token system so when they buy tokens it saves to members profile for buying goods?
Please Tell Me
I Want To create Own Crypto Token On Ethereum
Can Ethereum Coins Will Mineable And How To Create Transaction Wallet For Tokens Process
Rupinderpal Singh
we have used GO-ETHEREUM installed on our own server, how we can create our own currency??
we have coinbase address now...
can u please tell steps to create the own currency??
Hello, I cannot establish Ethereum wallet, blocks are constantly downloaded, tell who had such problem? Maybe who will help?
sir how to implement new cryptocurrency using ehtereum
Chim Kan
I need a help
I'm using truffle and playing with the example app
I use truffle console and I try to access the contract
MetaCoin.sendCoin(account 1, 10);
but it gives back this error:
TypeError: MetaCoin.sendCoin is not a function
but it is available in the metacoin contract.
how much fee for make my own crytocurrency using ETHereum
Adam Skrodzki
@designium not sure what have You tried. heve You deployed it first?
Adam Skrodzki

@tomakira just check it, it depends on gasPrice You set it can be even free if You set gas price to 0 (but then You need to wait very loooooooooooong even with risk it will not be mined)
there is actuall a site to do this
If You uses metamask You do not need to know solidity even. or have blockchain downloaded

You can also check it in mist

@tomakira in Mist with lowest gas price it takes 2 finneys ~ 1USD