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  • Jun 05 2016 10:31
    @alexvandesande banned @adamskee
  • Mar 16 2016 01:12
    @alexvandesande banned @scbosse
how much fee for make my own crytocurrency using ETHereum
Adam Skrodzki
@designium not sure what have You tried. heve You deployed it first?
Adam Skrodzki

@tomakira just check it, it depends on gasPrice You set it can be even free if You set gas price to 0 (but then You need to wait very loooooooooooong even with risk it will not be mined)
there is actuall a site to do this
If You uses metamask You do not need to know solidity even. or have blockchain downloaded

You can also check it in mist

@tomakira in Mist with lowest gas price it takes 2 finneys ~ 1USD
Fogler Tibor (Utopszkij)

help me!
I want build contact. error message:
Could not compile source code.

Expected pragma, import directive or contract/interface/library definition.
uint public minimumQuorum;

Darrall Joseph Lee
hello is anyone there who can help me
Adam Skrodzki
@imhomos with what?
Anyone have a link that explains the basics of mining ethereum in plain English? I have been mining for a few months and am working to expand but so far has been by the seat of my pants. Time to really dig in and understand what this bat file does, where does the etherem go, what are the relevant files need backed up, transferring to a wallet, what is the keystore(wallet maybe?) Thanks
I want to creat a new crytocurrency, anyone helps me? I am from China,nice to meet you
I am a newcomer in Ethereum,Welcome to exchange!
my e-mail address is 1184988080@qq.com
can anyone help me, i have 2 quick questions.
thoses codes don't allow to associate a new contract with the autor in v0.9.0. (i see it on ethersan) so it's impossible to manage it in the etereum wallet. who do you do ?
the part deploying doesn't work as said on the article.
anyone knows what this means? "There was a problem with your Ledger transaction. If you already have a pending transaction (enter your address on Etherscan to find out), please wait for it to confirm and then try again."
Hello everyone! Just a question, how do I limit the amount of tokens a person can send? For example, I only want a person to be able to send 100 Tokens in a year. How can I make this possible? Thanks
how long to issue 3 milions token via Ethereumwallet contact ??? i just deploy it with fee 0.01 ETH , and after 1 hour its seem not finish ... any one can explain for me why ??
@adamskrodzki hello adam, i dont see set gas price option in Mist , can u tell me more detail ? its take too long time to wait although i paid fee for issue
Fergus Allan
The etherium documentation is a little confusing!
Nic Venter
Hi there, i hope everyone is doing well. i'm following the crowdsale tutorial and i'm stuck on the code forthe blockchain congress as per - https://www.ethereum.org/dao#the-code - the Contract Variables and events seem to be out of place, i
I'm getting the following error when trying to deploy the example code in mist
Expected pragma, import directive or contract/interface/library definition.
uint public minimumQuorum;
  • everything closes before the variables are initialized so it seems that either a contract or function is missing
has anyone encountered this before?
Tamas Herman
@N-B-V yes, i think i've seen that error, but with the latest mist and the code from the latest website version should compile without errors
the /dao page has just been fixed shortly after i've separated the example source codes into separate files:
Alex Van de Sande
@onetom thanks for that Tamas!
I also separated all other solidity files since
Tamas Herman
thanks for the quick merge!
btw, i still see two versions:
is that on purpose? pug can't access the ones in the solidity directory?
@alexvandesande since you are here, let me ask u directly:
where should we put test code for these dao-*.sol contracts?
im planning to write some truffle tests for them, just so i can understand them better and use them to explain some real-world use-cases.
on one hand it sounds like a bit of an overkill to pull in truffle to this static web-site code, but on the other hand that would ensure that no buggy code would be published on the main website...
Tamas Herman
(disclaimer: i havent directly programmed js for a long time, just via clojurescript within browsers, so it was not very straightforward for me either to figure out how to make pug "bark out" includes :)
Hi all anybody help with the tutorial: https://ethereum.org/token . Trying to deploy a sample contract, press [Deploy] and... nothing happens
I'm using Mist v.0.9.1
nor error is shown. just nothing happens
Tamas Herman
@lavrimax have you selected the MyToken contract from the SELECT CONTRACT TO DEPLOY dropdown?
Alex Van de Sande
@onetom It would be a great idea as a lot of people use those codes. Put them in a test folder
Tamas Herman
ok, thx!
hello guys i wanna make a payment app with ethereum any suggestions
@trevor5gs Azure has ethereum templates , can build apps quick to make payments
I am looking to move over 6 billion USD to the ethereum project. not sure how people help but I know it needs to be done this week. any ideas?
I have a direct connection to an unnamed Nigerian prince who wants to convert 30 billion USD into ether by tomorrow, are there any suckers who can help him out?
Adam Skrodzki
@tomakira Mist has this slider from "cheaper" to "faster" i do not know what are gas prices for different options, but i believe it can be googled ;)
Umar Abbas
Hi guys
Hello , i use v0.9.1 and can't deploy contract with the tutorial: https://ethereum.org/token .
I can't deploy contact with the tutorial: https://ethereum.org/token . because when i deploy, contract are not associate to my wallet. Is so know the instruction code that allow me to associate the contract with my main wallet ? thanks

I am on this page: https://wallet.ethereum.org/deploy-contract and when I try to start or copy paste any code it gave me this error:

Could not compile source code.
Error: The method eth_compileSolidity does not exist/is not available

can someone guide me if I need anything to install on my PC or any plugin or code