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  • Jun 05 2016 10:31
    @alexvandesande banned @adamskee
  • Mar 16 2016 01:12
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Bepin Joseph Temali
once the etherum account is open how to finace it
Is there a way to use the Advanced "Add Data" option when transferring ERC20 tokens in Mist?
where can i find a good tutorial on how to fix a re-entrancy warning?
this link does not help much as i have already gave new varaiables the value of incomming variables - http://tool.smartdec.net/knowledge/SOLIDITY_REENTRANCY_EXTERNAL_CALL
Hi guys , pls I’m trying to deploy a contract to the live network and I have 0.46 eth. However when I do ‘truffle migrate —network live’ I’m getting Error: insufficient funds for gas* price + value. I’m not sure why
It’s because you don’t have enough gas
@jdmcwhinnie how much gas is needed?
@najienka whats your total supply
I have 0.46 eth and I’m trying to deploy a token contract with total supply of 500 million
I tested same code on ropsten and it deployed successfully
@adatr01 give your github id or telegram id. I would like to help
I can help in creating ERC20 tokens, writing smart contracts using solidity or even launch an ICO.
@Shachindra How would stora a peice of data on the block chain that you want to be public to anyone?
Check out bigchain DB.
You can put the data there and put its hash in any transaction
@kaptenhenrik Let me know if you need more inputs
Hey guys, anyone that can help me with a truffle question :-)?
@Shachindra I send you a PM
pragma solidity ^0.4.11;
contract Fund {
/// Mapping of ether shares of the contract.
mapping(address => uint) shares;
/// Withdraw your share.
function withdraw() {
var share = shares[msg.sender];
shares[msg.sender] = 0;
Gopal Panda
@wouterbruinings please ask the question you have on Truffle
hi i am new at Blockchain and smart contract and wish to learn.. from where i should Start I Need Guidelines... Please Suggest\
thats just windows based
hi I am unable to see the same wallet page as shown in ethreum wallet.org
Stefan Shiloh
what ether cost of each token is?
hi I cant withdraal my eth with my ledger nano s from etherdelta, could use some help please
how to creat web wallet token for ERC20
any developer here
we have big project in crypto
we call forcecoin.co
just visite our website
Ishwar Chandra Tiwari
how do use block.io web socket to watch new transaction in nodejs
we creat Token by ERC20 ethereum platform, please contact us at admin@forcecoin.co i will give you deatil
mr ishwar developer can you give me your email? i will contact you at email
Amadeo Brands
Now installing Mist ... but takes like forever to get all data
Why do I have to wait for all node data
buy token on local truffle gives transaction revert error anyone can help to solve this issue
Hi everyone, I want to start my own coin and implement smart contracts in my other apps, how can I do that?
I want to start my own Aerospace company, how can I do that?
Rehmat ullah Malik
hello, how to start deploying contract?
Helo pls my initial supply is returning 0.00000000000 on the ROPSTEN (Revival) TESTNET when am watching token through wallet.ethereum.org how do I fix this
Glen T
noob alert: I created a contract 3 days ago, funded it with ether, but it's still spinning "creating contract". Any ideas out there?
Can http://remix.ethereum.org to write a crowdsale contract am looking for a tutotial video with OpenZeppelin
i have a web project that i am launching and looking to sell some of its shares through ethereum
is this a valid usecase
based on the documentation, i see it is.