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  • Jun 05 2016 10:31
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if native is what yo mean by standalone
Status React look great, has anyone had any experience with it? Better than just using an API service?
Marcos Allende López
Hi all. I would like to start playing with Ethereum for developing. What is the best tutorial guide? Thanks!
Hello all, I recently launched my first token (just to play with) and unusually I am unable to access the admin panel in Mist talked about in the tutorial. Any thoughts?
Ruslan Nikolaev
what is the best ethereum wallet out there?
Gani Padela
I want to use tokens as points which can be shared as well. Does account users who has token requires actual ethers if they want to transfer their points (tokens) to another user ?
@padelagani Yes, they have to pay for gas.
Fred Nikgohar
Newbie question: i'm trying to run the Crowdsource dapp using the code on eth.org. The first step is to Deploy a coin (i've set Supply, Name, etc), but I cannot deploy. I'm in Testnet. However, I have zero ethereums. I don't see any error messages other than the fact I have zero ETHs. Is this the issue?
Keno Leon
@robofredThat could be it, you need Ether to deploy, there are transaction costs involved when creating contracts.
Fred Nikgohar
@KenoLeon even if i'm just testing? In Testnet mode?
Keno Leon
@robofred Yes, there are faucets for you to request and get test ether, I am on/recommend kovan.
Keno Leon
@randomguy234 ~30Gb for the fast one, if you are not on SSD that might also penalize you, depending on your needs a light client/wallet might be better.
Coinbase always tells me to repeatedly enter multiple phone #s (it verifies the phone and then it literally un-verifies it and says 'wrong token' - and signs me out - and then it says the token isn't valid - if I try to put the same phone # in it says they already have that phone # TF How the __ do i contact these ppl
It just sent me a new code / token to my phone which I typed in and it said was wrong again 2x
Marcos Allende López
Hi. When you deploy a private network and start mining to get ether, what are you really mining? What are those blocks?
I think the system is intelligently designed to perpetuate itself (not coinbase obv. but Blockchain) so the only way to mine is to record transactions / requests automatically and put them through a computing mechanism that generates a number that can't be faked, and has a very small likelihood (because the number must fit a certain algorithm or test - like it must have a certain number of zeros beore it) that you will make lots of money by getting a number that checks out.
Is there anyone who understands the system really well who can talk to me- I understand the overall economy quite well but I'm not a coder so I can't figure out the tech stuff quickly by myself (just someone who's used it who 'gets it' would be nice. We could chat here I guess it seems everyone has similar questions and nobody responds one billionth as fast as a google search (here) typically
Marcos Allende López
@MonkeyPenny I am going to publish tomorrow morning an article explaining very detailed how mining works and what are the differences between private and public blockchains. I will send you the link. Regarding my doubt with the private network, what I can't understand is what are you mining if you are in a private network.
So far I have been coding in Hyperledger and now I'am beginning with Ethereum
Oh nice yeah I'd love to see that - I recently published an economic article and Ether seems more promising even than mimicking the Billionaire's stock moves- I'm not mining it yet, my account can receive Ether but not mine - it has only a couple hundred in it
  • Keiser and Ron Paul etc say the dollar is about to crash - and when that happens the banks will seize money (why my money is in credit union) but this seems an even safer method
Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad) and Tony Robbins (Money: Master the Game) -2 of the top business books - both say the dollar must crash and that's obvious
The banks can seize all money (too big to fail) kinda like the great depression which is a problem - which is why Ether and Bitcoin being decentralized is so important
@AllendeMarcos forgot to send the response specifically to you - u get it?
with my mac can i mine or i need server with specific other hardware to mine in entheriam?
Hello, what is the best methoud for accepting payments on webshop, generate a new wallet or use smart contracts?
ohoy! i take it metmask is fine for contributing?
hmmm...wrong chat i think....lol
How do I convert solidity constructor to abi souce code
Marcos Allende López
@MonkeyPenny Hi! As I promised you here is the article. If you happen to read it every feedback is welcome! https://medium.com/@marcosallendelopez/blockchain-in-a-nutshell-38e7a566eac1
how do i change my dollar into ether]
I've created a token for testing and deployed on the block chain..
Now I am able to see the contract address, balance and able to send to other ETH addresses
I used meta mask for this.. all went fine..
but I am unable to find out ho to set crowdsale..
I tried docs fro, ether wallet but it shows error,,
how can I set crowdslae in wallet.ethereum.org for a token which was created in meta mask ?
Where do I download the Ethereum wallet app for me to create a token?
Marcos Allende López
Google WIST
Hello I cant varify and publish my contract i keep getting this Error! Invalid constructor arguments provided. Please verify that they are in ABI-encoded format
Yo - I need to create a decentralized exchange for my tokens
Hello - I'm having a problem getting pass the 6th line of code of create your own crypto. I continue to receive an error for "no visibility specified" I copy the exact code the instructions tell me.
mehrdad mehrvarz
hi i have a question : what is the minimum amount for creating a contract as a coin? how much ETH should i pay for my contract
After Successfully testing my Simple token on the ropsten testnet and code verify and publish successfully I did deploy to the main-net After transaction success token not found Balance returning 0.000000 Any Idea Why I use Remix solidity ^0.4.18;
how can i decide the price of new token?
Anyone that can advise on developing new coin?
Hi! I tested the code using on https://www.ethereum.org/token but for some reason when I try to deploy it on ethereum-wallet it says that something is wrong and will fail... Such behavior happened to someone else?
@basaa88 most code on the net are for testing not production code
What exactly is the error?

Yeah I was testing it to be a base for a more advance project, here is the error.

Gas requirement of function browser/Untitled.sol:BasaaCoin.approveAndCall(address,uint256,bytes)unknown or not constant.
If the gas requirement of a function is higher than the block gas limit, it cannot be executed. Please avoid loops in your functions or actions that modify large areas of storage (this includes clearing or copying arrays in storage)

guys. i want to create nw token but when i try to write source code i get this error can you help me?Error: The method eth_compileSolidity does not exist/is not available