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mehrdad mehrvarz
hi i have a question : what is the minimum amount for creating a contract as a coin? how much ETH should i pay for my contract
After Successfully testing my Simple token on the ropsten testnet and code verify and publish successfully I did deploy to the main-net After transaction success token not found Balance returning 0.000000 Any Idea Why I use Remix solidity ^0.4.18;
how can i decide the price of new token?
Anyone that can advise on developing new coin?
Hi! I tested the code using on but for some reason when I try to deploy it on ethereum-wallet it says that something is wrong and will fail... Such behavior happened to someone else?
@basaa88 most code on the net are for testing not production code
What exactly is the error?

Yeah I was testing it to be a base for a more advance project, here is the error.

Gas requirement of function browser/Untitled.sol:BasaaCoin.approveAndCall(address,uint256,bytes)unknown or not constant.
If the gas requirement of a function is higher than the block gas limit, it cannot be executed. Please avoid loops in your functions or actions that modify large areas of storage (this includes clearing or copying arrays in storage)

guys. i want to create nw token but when i try to write source code i get this error can you help me?Error: The method eth_compileSolidity does not exist/is not available
really appreciate that
I figured, solc command line that there are infinite gas estimation value from several functions
i want to create my own digital currency
I setup ethereum on my local
now what is my next step?
@garryThandi learn solidity then write your currency
How does one vote to raise the block gas limit?
any tips on developing contracts locally?
I'm using truffle framework but I find running an actual ethereum cluster painful
especially when I have to wait for mining or DAG
the "transferfrom" function is whats used to withdraw ether after token sale?
Use the withdrawal patter
Im in etherdelta and when im trying to desposit eth (3.9) to etherdelta its saying we are unable to locate the translaction hash. What do i. Do
@evalencia98 Contact etherdelta support
Anouar Absslm
hi guys , does ethereum api only in java ? i see all the example are in java, thoughs ?
Matt Burgess
Trying the tutorial for the first time and running into a compile error. Anyone seen? Function, variable, struct or modifier declaration expected. public function MyToken(uint256 initialSupply) {
Hi all
I'm new member for researching blockchain
and i making a project about decentralized application base on ethereum
Someone can tell me the point i can start
Similar questions, are there some tutorials to start with (the code & the math). ?🐾

Has anyone gone through this tutorial:

It doesn't seem to do anything after I create a token. I am using the solo network option

hello guys how can i recove my etc from metamask?
please answer im going crazy
Emre Akman
Where can i find the ethereum wallet to deploy a contract?
sir i want ethereum api and want to create token
want to create a coin based on ethereum
want ethereum api for c# mvc
i want to create own coin or token
can u help me
How much does to cost right now to Deploy my own ERC20 token contract
@indiadigitalnote Go through the and perform everything on Remix
@ASHISHLKO search about Oraclize on web! for ethereum Api kind of, as ethereum uses ABIs
i am trying to download Mist - and it doesn't complete the download - can anyone help?
Hello All, I'm a newbee to ethereum and while openeing ethereum wallet I've selected rinkbey test networks and i see no ether, I want to build a smart contract. Any help please?
Brahim Moullablad
hello i want to create my coin based on ethereum any help ?
i created my crypto in beta.proof. website. yet, my crypto doesnt appear anywhere and im not sure people can use it at this state. what did i do wrong?