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is anybody there?
Hi, im new here. Is there any good beginner turorials for communicating with go-ethereum with a simple GO app?
Any turtorial that has something like this?
can some help me what is d range of gas price price
is 1 to 100 or 1 to 1000
currently i have gas price 61 but its look very expensive
what is the WALLET app ?
anyone here
Hello everyone, if I am familiar with Python, what kind of blockchain programming langauges should I choose?
Hello All
@max870701 solidity
i have Greet project and i need some one can be with me in my project
Hello I'm downloading Ethereum remix and it has been over 15 mn... is this normal or have I done something wrong in the process?
Is there a way to change a token contract after it has been deployed?
I have a problem trying to fix. I need a user to be able to make a selection which will be logged somewhere on chain but will be hidden from others, possibly encrypted. Then after the auction ends, the user's selection should be available to be seen by anyone. Does Ethereum support something like that?

smiqbal76 @smiqbal76
I have been trying to move my ETH from ETH wallet to Ether DELTA- and it gives me a confirmation, but it's been 5 days that my ETH is still in Wallet- and coming moving

It's getting frustrating and don't know what and how to do it... ?

Full Stack Developer
Hello All
Which technology we should use ?
For development?
Praveen Kumar Guntoju
greet project means @sencoin
Fred Zhen
@rahul-network To develop ETH? If so MERN stack, Web3.js is based on Node.js
Hi I have a question. When you create a crowdsale, can you accept USD or only Ether?
Looking forward to anyones feedback.
Emmanuel Kaku
how do i prevent spaces and tags from printing unto my html pasge
for instance <p> hell <p/>
how do i remove spaces and the html elements
in xml
Malcolm Allen
can you recommend a dev
Richardson Dackam
@myceo what for?
Hi, sorry for the basic simple question but, does Ethereum and Ethereum Classic are under ERC-20 platform?
Edinson Carranza SaldaƱa
hello mi name is edinson i a from latam
Hi, I am trying to create my own ethereum token
Can anyone help me on that?
yo - is this chat active
I might be able to help in a week.
Hello people.
I have been reading about DAPPS.
However, from what I read there is a fee for using dapps that need to be paid in ethereum tokens. My question is how would someone obtain these tokens without dropping close to 1,000 USD or so.
I do claim ignorance, and I am no where near the ability to make a DAPP.
I'm just not really understanding why anyone would make a DAPP when the cost of ethereum is significantly high.
Nick RamireZ
can you check me work? i just dropped my first line of code ever.
Vinicius Kenyu de Araujo Tengan
Hi Guys, I have one question about extraData in MultisigWallet, I see a contract that I need to insert Data 0xa6f2ae3a to get coin, why some contracts need to put and others don't need to put? I Know that it's a method ID but why I need to put this?
hello how to make my ether token?
James Martin Duffy
Hey guys, we just released It's a fun intro to Solidity programming through building your own game on the blockchain, if anyone's interested!
Vidor Gencel
Wow, nice job!
hello dear i want to learn kindly guide me
Vinney Cavallo
@umpenrage It's not necessary to buy or use any particular amount of ETH. for example. 0.001 ETH currently costs about $0.70. the "gas" fee for using dapps could be very tiny amounts
im form vietnam i dont understand more english. i want partner to you about CROWDSALE. Please help me send to project by vietnamese
please. thanks.
Zax Doe
hello guys = we are running a new project who can be in our team for smart contract development