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  • Jun 05 2016 10:31
    @alexvandesande banned @adamskee
  • Mar 16 2016 01:12
    @alexvandesande banned @scbosse
I did a token ethereum with minereum app... this token is in the token list in my etherwallet address
now , how can i start the token sale?
how can I give value to this token?
Vidor Gencel
Try offering someone 10.000 of your tokens for a pizza
FlashWebTech Inc
@vidorge who??
FlashWebTech Inc
if i use minereum will i be able to use them with ERC20??
great vidor, another stupid things to say? do you have?
Vidor Gencel
That is how bitcoin got value, it's ok to think that it's stupid :)
I am trying to think a good usecase of blockchain.. what should it be related to?
Hi, please please. Are all of you on the main net completely synchronized? I am not fully synchronized for three days now. There are 292 blocks left. But am I still able to write my contract on the chain of the main net now?
How to deploy new contract? I didn't see the menu as shown in tutorial
I am trying to participate in the Covesting ICO.... I am lost as a ube can be, anyone help?
FlashWebTech Inc
please i did not get this
ERC is complex for me
i want to use it with my PHP i am checking too much complex installation
can i get help here pls??
i want to use it with my WEB on local server
Vidor Gencel
What do you need to do?
i want to design my own coin
plz contact me +91-9372121777
@himansh123 sir can u call me
I have an awesome idea for my own ethereum based cryptocurrency, can anyone help?
For launching own coin pls contact in whatsapp or viber at +1 503 567 0668
Richard Olsen Sandberg
How do I get a Ethereum token json file?
Tahir Yasin
How can I install Ethereum wallet on Ubuntu 14?
Marcos Allende López
Anyone can explain what are the blocks you mine in a private network when you run miner.start()?
is it possible to transfer coins from one ether delta account to another? Or would you need to transfer it back in to ETH first?
any quick solidity tutorials to send and receive ether
Hello, I launched a token in ropsten network. and I can transfer it also. But Now, I want to know more for ICO launch. Anyone please help me?
Edmund Miller
Getting this error:interface token {
function transfer(address receiver, uint amount);
Michael Herman (Toronto)
I've published a (somewhat crudely formatted) blog post that includes 10+ of the most common tasks/use cases I've encountered using the Nethereum libraries to program against the Ethereum blockchain. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Enjoy.
@mwherman2000 nice, never knew there was a .net library
anyone know why the wallet.ethereum.org Deploy contract is not working?
"Error: The method eth_compileSolidity does not exist/is not available"
when i download the wallet and it starts syncing .... it uses a folder in c:\users ... can this be changed to another drive ?
Alex Qain
@primski you can down load the installer , then you will be given a option to recreate a folder of different disk you want .... or otherwise you can use the mk CMD 
has anyone have a template of ERC20 token creation ?
look like the official template is a combination of two contract
Avtar Mori
What does 'this' mean in ERC20 sample code?
Michael Herman (Toronto)
@ToJen Yes, ...and once you get the hang of it, it's quite easy to use. It's pretty much 1:1 with the Javascript library.
Heya, Does anyone know if its possible to hide say a BTC private key in a contract, so that for example allowed user can claim it, but no one else can?
Guys, may i know do i need to find miners for my own cryprocurrency which is based on ethereum or ethereum will provide them for their fee?