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  • Jun 05 2016 10:31
    @alexvandesande banned @adamskee
  • Mar 16 2016 01:12
    @alexvandesande banned @scbosse
@lapitsrepo interesting,I have the same issue
@lapitsrepo are you plan to start an ico?
Laxman Singh
@alexgiul i don't want to start ico. I already have some investors which are ready to buy my tokens :smile: if you have any idea about setting up price for tokens please share. thank you
@lapitsrepo I am sorry I havent understood yet how to correctly setup it
Laxman Singh
anyone there who knows that how prices are set for tokens ? if on basis of supply and demand, then who will decide and who will set price in etherscan where my contracted is published ?
Yo I just made a token in Ethereum Wallet, it said the confirmations would go through for the contract within 1 minute, but now it's been 40 minutes and none of the confirmations have happened... Any idea what this may be?
hi you can set 0.000001$
in start
as this is best which can increase trust level
and show more point that you can grow sooo high
Daniel Kapper
What programming languages is this?
Laxman Singh
anyone can please help guiding me on how to set price for my erc20 token ?
@alexgiul did you figure out any solution ?
I cant create a blockchain
I want to leanr , who can be my teacher
anyway to check all erc20 token in ethereum blockchain?
hi to all
I create a new token but I can not put an order for it. the contract no is 0x07f0cf60b607d3348363805eebb2bed568dc0b3c and the coin name is A101
@Fakcakir do you create on test network?
@alexgiul No it is in the mail network
main network
I can see it in the ether delta exchange and I can also withdraw and deposit
but I can not put an sell or buy order
@Fakcakir do you mean you are able to transfer your tokens between different accounts? But you are not able to transfer ethers and get tokens?
i want to create smart contract erc20 token
please guide me easy way
@mabbas123 I write you privately
I have created this contract
And now I do not know how to go further.
All got from @winspiral was the webpage of etherscan. I'm still stumbling around like a puppy with little shoes on.
Daigus...what do you mean?
I see...you have to be logged in to see it...
@Fakcakir You can perhaps help me about creating complètely a token(I have checked what you did)
Robert Pohl
Hi, how can I update an account password in my Ganache local rpc?
can anybody suggest a good tutorial/vedio/github repo for blockchain/ethereum development with python ?
I am learning blockchain and having 1.5 years of experience in python.
suggest a good tutorial/github repo for blockchain/ethereum development in PHP ?
Thanks I have creared with the help of tokenfactory and Metamask
James Martin Duffy
https://cryptozombies.io/ is a good intro to Solidity if you already have experience in another programming language
@pradipkadam @cmaliwal
Hello guys, it has been more than 5 days since I transfered my ETH from coinbase to Parity, and still I dont have them in my Parity wallet. I could actually use some help now.
I need some help on deploying the contact. I get this message: "it seems this transaction will fail. if you submit it it may consume all the gas you provide"
can moderator please add few test ether to following address for testing purpose "0x30eCD62e4a60D1a1F5315CDB222c3FcE093A38fa"
@pradipkadam I'm also looking for blockchain/eth and php projects, like extending gnuSocial with an extension/plugin.
hi can someone advise me on how to use the burn () function?
Nick Garbusa
any ethereum sodility dev here?