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  • Jun 05 2016 10:31
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  • Mar 16 2016 01:12
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I've been three days trying to sync and nothing, I try it again and It starts again from 0, there's no way to get the wallet on desktop, I'm really disappoited..
HI guys got a question about running the ethereum wallet. im using ubunut, and have followed suggestions that I have found to install, but when i run no gui ever shows up, just an icon on my sidebar that disappears
anybody know anything about this?
hi how to register your own ico token.
@zalazalaza what verion of ubuntu and wallet?
@pirasath1985 create your token and deploy to mainnet
After creating a token (and an initial supply) is it possible to add more supply to the token at a later time?
I think so, but I don't know for sure, sorry :/
It would appear so as one of the functions is ‘initialSupply’, which would seem to imply the ability to add “later supply”
But I need to be sure. Trying to find the function and the logistics of how this would be done.
Ah, yes you can。 I found the functions
Есть кто из России?
Arnav Vohra
Hi fellow developers! You will find this to be useful towards your journey.
P.S.- Subscribe to the channel- it helps me to keep going.
Wow thank you, I'm gonna watch it right now ^^
anyone here?
hey guys
im just starting and looking to create a coin for a friends business.
can anyone give me the heads up on where to start the contract.. github? eth wallet for linux?
hey, anyone here?
@markin2000 sent mail khacnam26@gmail.com
@alhenan you can search zeppelin
I want to create new coin on ethereum and create smart contracts and token
if someone is expert in it
please help me learn and also do the development of my project
you can add me to skype : hifivisions
Learn solidity @axxis7 or hire someone to write the code
i have downloaded ethereum but while starting its showing connection error
can any1 help?
Pushpendra Sharma
Has anyone developed their own coin using ethereum or is there any coin in market using ethereum ?
Abhishek Srivastava
@psharma1209 There are lots of ERC20 tokens generated(Its a simple process)(Primarily issued by companies to launch an ICO). Post token creation, it is submitted for approval/listing. The approval depends a lots on the team/company launching the token.
If anybody has any other questions, I'd happy to help
Alireza G.Kian
Hey everybody,
can we really have our independent crypto currency with Ethereum platform ?
i mean without direct need of Ether , just a local blockchain within ethereum platform
i’d like to deploy my contract to mainnet. ive already done this to rinkeby testnet
i’m wondering about the 1_initial_migrations file that comes with truffle. i dont want to spend real ether deploying that. do i need to?
Hi. Looking for an answer, would appreciate any help. If you are planning to airdrop tokens to users' ethereum addresses, is there a way to determine that an address belongs to a crypto exchange? If so, how can one carry put the airdrop to all collected addresses EXCEPT those that belong to an exchange?
Reactive Space
hi guys
@bitsabhi i need littlebit help
@bitsabhi how ICO web site can accept bitcoin to buy ERC20 Token?
Reactive Space
@alexgiul i also need this
@reactivespace nice if you find anything usefull pls write me at alexgiul@hotmail.com. Are yu writing something for an ICO?
Hi, i create the smart contracts and simple token with private ethereum using truffle and geth ,what will be next step to circulate the token in networks ?
William Entriken
I need to find best practices. Is there a good repo with solidity and truffle with all functions documented?
Jeiner Noriega
Hi everyone, I'm new to blockchain development and was wondering if I can get some guidance on how to get started. I come from a node background. Thank you ☺
hi guys i have a problem