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  • Jun 05 2016 10:31
    @alexvandesande banned @adamskee
  • Mar 16 2016 01:12
    @alexvandesande banned @scbosse
@pur3miish i dont wont that my users have eth i pay for them
thank you :*
@masonsam you're welcome.
Can anyone please confirm if this is legit
uff,hi can i know how can i reise price of my token
btw watchout from theese
James Brandon
Hi everyone, just a quick question... I am a web developer and currently building a large 200 GPU setup of rigs for mining however I am looking to maybe soon do ICO Token sales but looking for advise on best way to create own ICO / Currency to offer TOKEN Sales etc.... any advise on best approach to this?
James Brandon
Sounds good mate, what does the book cover? is it aimed towards someone of my ability being a full stack developer etc.... don't want something basic :)
Thanks for coming back to me swiftly btw :)
James,I'm from China doing Ether coins the moment
Hope there rooms for cooperation communication which can make u interested
Can I have ur email address? thx!
@alexgiul trinde@qq.com pls drop me a line and ill have my cto contact u. thx!
Keno Leon
@hostandname It's not a hard requisite to be full stack, but it certainly helps, if you have previous experience with node, typescript and es6 for instance, although I tried keeping it accessible for folks that just know basic scripting, also it's designed to get you started since I struggled with the docs, it's not a reference, read the first few pages see if it's for you.
This forum has not helped me directly for my questions,but it helped me indirectly through other questions/answers
hi everyone, yesterday i aske you if it's possible let to pay the transaction fee to another wallet. but i have solved the problem. anyone can help me? thankyou
what is the most preferred development tools for ethereum on a windows machine, there are too many combinations i guess, experts in this group can advice on it?
Hi, I am getting started building my own coin.. I want that people could able to trade with FIAT currency as well as popular cryptocurrencies... Is there any such payment gateway you can suggest that I need to integrate with???
I was using ethereum 1.7.2 and it got stuck at 99.998 with 77 blocks left. Can I start mining now? or I need to wait till it's 100%?
Pranav Pai Vernekar
@gk1227 Just delete some memory space from your computer/device and it should work fine. You will need to have at least 20GB of free space. If that does not work then let me know. Will help.
Starting a new token project.
Anyone interested?
yes !
i have questions. can anyone help?
basically : if I create a coin right now, can I change the very basics of the code that I'll create right now, anytime ?
or once that its a token, its that kind of eth token for ever?
@AurelMax fr ever
@ringelweb also I but not found any solution yet
@ringelweb please chat me if you find it
do anyone have idea that which payment system will use to integrate with the new ICO.
any help i need to figure out how to find error logs in the open-etherum-pool whats the command please
Hello, I have a question what can you buy with ETH coin?
David Stewart
Hey Any one have the issue where the install hangs
Checking Network @ Block 3,632,966 of ,4949,935
13 peers

After I copy the "Minimum Viable Token" verbatim to https://wallet.ethereum.org/deploy-contract, I'm getting this error:

Could not compile source code.

Error: The method eth_compileSolidity does not exist/is not available

Actually, any code can't be compiled, no matter how simple it is.
Please help

Shebin John
Is the codes in ethereum.org/token updated every once in a while?
Just one thing, with Ethereum wallet and smart contracts you're just creating "tokens" not cryptocurrency as such, isn't it?
Peeps: Stay the F*%# away from CoinbaseDotCom!!!!
Why? What happens?
@Juli15Boy They are the worst! my laptop had a wyoming address (auto fill) which i did not notice when i was updating my coinbase account. So this mofos closed my account without any notice! instantly! I guess wyoming doesn't not accept Crypto. But anyway, coinbase has no support system only a stupid bot. I can't even get in touch with a real person to fix my account. As a result 3 accounts with 3 different email address' have been closed INSTANTLY (upon registration) because they are link to my SSN. What a bunch of HS. I live in California my whole life. Thats the funny part.
Hello, I had a question,
what is the value of a newly created crypto with this Ethreum System?
I’m looking to set up a club that issues Tokens that are set at a particular value. There will be a limited amount of tokens available ( 20,000 – 10,000 are held by the club) and each token gives the holder a % of the clubs revenue generated through its activity. The more tokens a member holds (there is a limit to the number they may have) the higher the revenue generated.
Revenue may be in the form of rewards points that may be redeemed for goods or a pre-paid visa.
The Tokens are non-refundable.
Once all tokens are taken up, a new issue (Version 2) will be issued.
Is this something that I can build using the Ethereum platform?
I will require a competent programmer – do you have contacts to programmers who understand the block chain – Fiver is too uncertain.
As Token will be non-refundable, they may however be traded. If the Tokens are regarded as being a currency within the club, as the club grows in worth, the tokens may also grow in value and be traded for cash – is my understanding correct here.
I’m new to this and not too tech savvy - Your feedback would be much appreciated. FYI - I have tried to contact Ethereum via their info@ethereum.org and it tells me 'Address Not Found'??
I am not able to create a token please help me.
Pranav Pai Vernekar
@prashanthcosmic Please describe your issue a little more in details for me to be able to help you. At which point are you stuck?