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  • Jun 05 2016 10:31
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If you provide me with some contact info i can assign an Engineer to your project and can outline parameters and timeframe your roadmap
hi please help me to create my token with ethereum
@Webofmiracles What you are describing is a security, and depending on your jurisdiction you may have to file appropriate legal paperwork. Retaining an attorney specializing in securities might be appropriate. p.s. it is not a utility token as some others claim.
Anyone know of a workaround on how to set the sell and buy prices on a new token offerings to floats instead of integers?
Disregard this question. Sorry for that.
Need a good resource to build an upgradable Token
any open repos on github?
ethereum crowdsale contract example has 'throw' invarious lines - this is deprecated - can 'throw' be replaced with 'revert' or is there an updated version of this page/contract https://ethereum.org/crowdsale
@angel20188 Hi! Do you finally found a solution for this?
@lvto2000 It's just for knoweledge purpose, but you know how to do it, or did you found some way to do it? :)
actually still looking for advice - is there a repo of updated standard token contract code that uses new syntax - so it would replace 'throw' with newer keywords such as 'revert' or 'request'
ok thanks will try
Thanks Phalexo. ASIC - the Australian Securities and Investment Commission is very strict in the matter of securities. We're meeting with a financial planner and an attorney this week regarding this matter and to see whether we create the company in Australia to be compliant under ASIC rules or to go off-shore.
Eugeniu Rusu
Hello everyone, quick question:
Can Solidity functions marked as "view" emit events?
Or rather should they?
Remix gives me this warning : "Warning: Function declared as view, but this expression (potentially) modifies the state and thus requires non-payable (the default) or payable."
When I trigger an event.
Eugeniu Rusu
Nevermind, figured it out ^_^
Hello guys, I want to ask. Do you think its wise if you could develop a token then sell it to someone else to be the owner of it?
Hello everyone! Beginner here, just going through some of the tutorials from truffle and open-zeppelin. Anyone in the same boat?
If i make a toke (https://www.ethereum.org/token) is this also a coin ?
Hi, after develop the smart contract with truffle why we should run the truffle everyday? Any other idea keep running the truffle until we stop the process ?
how do we set the initialSupply in standard TokenERC20 contract
@NECAnGeL in the page given, it says "Tokens in the ethereum ecosystem can represent any fungible tradable good: coins... " so, if you create the token as a coin, then yes, it will be a coin
Madhavan Malolan

Hello! My first question here :)
I am looking for some tutorial that helps me understand the basics of getting started with a new blockchain and its associated whitepaper.

More specifically,

I really like whats going on in the space, and have an idea of my own for a blockchain. I am aware there are ERC20 tokens - which should help me build on top of Ethereum. The concept i have in mind has a different way of dealing with transaction fee on the network rather than gas and involves microtransactions, making it impossible for me to run it on Ethereum (Which was my first choice). I am following developments on Lightning Network and Plasma for micropayments, but then Plasama isn't deployed yet.

I do not have experience building blockchains in the past, but i have been following the research going on in this space.

I really want to know what is a good place to start thinking about a new blockchain - As a ethereum fork , ERC20 or otherwise.

I have written a first draft of a whitepaper that explains my idea, and will be ready to show others very soon. What's the best way to get feedback on the paper? What are the things i need to keep in mind before getting such feedback?

Any help on these lines, deeply appreciated! :)

hi guys, i am new to eth can anyone help me how to publish a contract in remix ide:
i am getting this error when i try to publish using swarm
Failed to publish metadata file to swarm, please check the Swarm gateways is available ( swarm-gateways.net ).
Olá, gostaria de saber o processo da criação do token em ER20, já colei o código uma vez, mas depois não sei onde prosseguir para começar minha organização, podem me orientar.
Hello, I would like to know the process of creating the token in ER20, I have already pasted the code once, but then I do not know where to proceed to start my organization, can guide me.
Gregory McCubbin
Here is a good tutorial for building a dapp with ethereum: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3681ZYbDSSk
thanks @gwmccubbin but if i want to use Parity? do you know some tutorial for building a dapp with Parity?
Moazzem Hossen

Tello, the contract from https://ethereum.org/crowdsale throws error on Ethereum wallet 0.9.3. Im getting this error ` Could not compile source code.

No visibility specified. Defaulting to "public".
function transfer(address receiver, uint amount);

` Could not compile source code.

No visibility specified. Defaulting to "public".
function transfer(address receiver, uint amount);
, `

Good afternoon, someone knows how to fix this token.
if anyone pays me
@luizlopes20017 telegram
Ilansky Naftali
I guys any tuto to implement zeppelin pull payment ?
Gregory McCubbin
@leomagnus I don't have any tutorials for parity just yet. If I do, I'll let you know!
There is a balance in the imtoken, and the balance of the import to mist wallet is always 0. What is the reason?
My payment has not come through from my transacion. Can anyone help. Etherdelta and Jaxx transfering ETH. Just singed up to etherdelta
Hello, everyone, I have an Ethernet token in imtoken, but the client with the balance is 0. What is the problem? I want to create a smart contract with no balance.
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