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Ayushya Devmurari
Open metamask check your last transaction... is it failed ? When I deployed my first smart contract and I tried to do some transactions using metamask I faced this that all my transactions were failing
Hi folks, because Ethereum blockchain eat whole SSD every few days, I must doing frequent cancel of GETH and backup of account. There is one flaw: At every backup event. all ETH are saved and all tokens (yes, I administered tokens) vanished completely. Is there someone who knows how way backup also Admin account for tokens ? Thanks
Adam Skrodzki
@webshopcz not sure what You are trying to achieve, what do You need full node for?
You need private kays to those accounts
is it mainNet/Ropsten/Rinkeby blockchain or some other?
Reactive Space
@inairdavis inbox me
@lnairdavis available
Does anyone has a code for sending token to muliple addresses
Or A code that will allow ether sender to return token in return when send 0 eth to an address
I have created the token already
is there a way to make a contract that can sell a preselected amount of tokens that i hold automatically? anyone?

I send ether to crowdsale contract address, but it doesn't work.
I have error 'Transaction Error, Exception thrown in contract code.' in metamask when send ether to crowdsale contract.

Reference code that i copied is 'https://www.ethereum.org/crowdsale'
What can i do ? please help me.

Thank you in advance for anyone that can tell me if after if after i create my token on the ethereum blockchain, can i attach other smart contracts to my token? Or build on it with more code?
@adamskrodzki Dear Adam, thanks for attention. Situation: We have standard official Ethereum Wallet on desktop Linux. We have launched tokens, no problem with tokens, transfers goes O.K.. Where is problem: Every day 6GB is added to our GETH, so even big SSD are full after few days. Wallet is never capable to synchronize on classic rotary HDD, so is need use a SSD. After SSD is full there we conduct backup and erase SSD and start new synchronization. After synchronization is done, only account with ETH money is saved, admin account for control of tokens everytime is vanishing. Pure horror. Ethereum foundation with 30 million USD on account is not capable to dispatch one man into support of this issue. Note: Few hundreds ICOs use Ethereum token as standard, so we are curious, how way they conduct their business.
Shortly: How way to backup admin account for issued Tokens ?
@lnairdavis Yes, we are capable and have praxis. Please contact us on mail: webshop@atlas.cz
hi are you there ?
i am using ether wallet , but it is showing downloading peers from two days
and my balance is not showing in Ether wallet , although internet is connected , and if i am checking on website https://www.myetherwallet.com , then shows my ether balance , may i know , how to solve this error , and how to make contract on ethereum wallet on windows platform , read out so many tutorials , bur Ethereum wallet is always showing , Downloading peers , it downloads more than 60 GB data in my windows laptop ,
Han Victor
Hi, I'm new to ethereum.
I'm gonna develop python project to implement ehtereum wallet.
Is pyethereum package proper to my project?
Help me.
Can anyone explain this to me please? "Warning: This opens you to the danger of hostile takeover. At any point during the crowdsale anyone who donates more than the amount already raised will be able to control the whole pie and steal it"
^ from "unlimited crowdsale" page
hello contract owner can transfer from one accoun to andthor account which have 0 ETH
Pico Joule
how do smart contracts interact with state channels?
can a smart contract operate a state channel with users?
ok so i guess state channels operate off-chain whereas smart contracts are executed onchain
even so, can you have a smart contract operation that does some state channel stuff on nodes that have the necessary state channel component attached?
raiden client or whatever
Pico Joule
i dont have a clear picture of how all of this works so to anyone who can explain i would be thankful
hi I am also new on the ethereum
I gonna develop this to the IOT device < the question is it , can ethereum hlep to deveop it on iot ?
Adam Skrodzki

@webshopcz almost for sure You do not need full node to use Ethereum You have

PM me for details

@adamskrodzki Dear Adam, for Token construction and issuance there is mandatory official Ethereum Wallet, which mean full node. Every token issuance mean another Admin Account (address) for particular token issuance, which mean every day new 6GB in GETH. Standard rotary HDD never was capable of synchronization, only fast (530 MB/sec) SSD are capable of synchronization. So typical 256GB SSD is gone within few days. If You know different way to for launch (issuance) of tokens without official Ethereum Wallet and full node, please reveal this one. Thanks
Hi, I am trying to create a crowdsale contract but i see just one line for token, do i need to add the code which we have written for creating erc20 tokens?
@aadi-bitco The only thing you really need is the interface for transferFrom,


Could someone please help me with following question?

I have an eshop and would like to get payments in ethtereum. So for each payment I would like to generate new account (address) and wait for payment. For monitoring payments I need to create an easy way to get "n" (50, 100. or more) for all account (addresses) of my wallet. I found out, that it is not possible by default API queries. So I wounder if it's possible by using contracts?

So main idea is to create a smart contract, that will receive ether and write some message to log . Then I will poll for log changes by call RPC API method eth_getLogs or eth_getFilterChanges, and get info about incoming transactions.

Is it possible ? Or maybe you have better idea how to solve this ?
Thanks in advance!

Adam Skrodzki
@kryvel how do You know which customer paid You? How You connect customers with their addresses?
gintu tom
how to we list the contents of a block?
Adam Skrodzki

@gintu try


there is also
Hello, good morning. I need know thats cost creating tokens on etherum.
Price for token only!
Cost of what? Developing a contract? Depends on functionality. Costs to deploy? Depends on the bytecode size and gas price you are willing to pay.
@Alexdolmat depends on the token contract
@Alexdolmat easiest way to find out is to build the contract on testnet, as this doens't cost you anything , but still shows an idea of the estimated gas