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  • Jun 05 2016 10:31
    @alexvandesande banned @adamskee
  • Mar 16 2016 01:12
    @alexvandesande banned @scbosse
Hello everyone, I want to ask something, How do you guys get new transactions stream like this on ripple https://ripple.com/build/rippled-apis/#transaction-streams ? I have read https://wiki.parity.io, but I have not find it yet.
Hello everybody


function createAnalyst(string name, string email) public returns (ErrorCodes.ErrorCode) {
    // fail if id exists

    analysts[index]    = Analyst(index, name, email, true);


   emit LogNewAnalyst(index, name);
    return ErrorCodes.ErrorCode.SUCCESS;

that code don´t work

its ok?
anybodey can help me please
Neerav Chauhan

Hell all

Does Oraclize can not used without truffle ?
Anyone can give idea how to use oraclize without using truffle ?

I'm having this error when implementing the browser / ballot.sol agreement: 1431: 1: ParserError: Function, variable, struct or modifier declaration expected.
contract SafeMath {
Arpit Jhunjhunwala
hey I need a idea for a project based on smart contract for college
can anyone suggest me
the aim of smart contract should be well defined i.e. it should remove centralization only if it is needed
Hi, does anyone know how to retrieve ownership of a token contract from the crowdsale contract after the crowdsale has ended? I've tried all i can think of and it just sends the ownership right back to the crowdsale.
I was trying to help my friend by giving him solidity lessons does anyone know of any other tuts like https://cryptozombies.io/ especially any dapps building tuts?
@hobdawg Have a look to this repo : https://github.com/bkrem/awesome-solidity
I don't think that it exists yet others tuto like cryptozombies but there are a lot of useful and interesting documents on the subject ;)
@GuillaumeCz thanks
Can I get some assistance please. Does this seem correctly laid out?
Mahendra Panchal
Julien Tregoat
cryptozombies should give you all the foundations you need. the rest can be expanded on via the internet as far as FP
Ranch Camal
Why am I getting the following error in this code: How do I fix this?
Warning: Functions in interfaces should be declared external.
function receiveApproval(address _from, uint256 _value, address _token, bytes _extraData) public;
interface tokenRecipient { function receiveApproval(address _from, uint256 _value, address _token, bytes _extraData) public; }
How do I add mint function to my contract created on tokenfactory?
nobody is helping at all...don't waste you time here
I am an Ethereum beginner. Now I want to learn more about Ethereum-related knowledge. After creating an Ethereum-based token, I created a token. How do I increase the amount of this token and need to mine? Is this mining process supported by the miners behind the blockchain in the Ethereum network?Does the process of producing a new token require mining? Could you recommend a document for me?Think you in advance.
anyone here now
Ramphy Rojas
Mayank Sahai
hello guys,
i have created a contract and want to deploy it on test network of my own using geth ,truffle. i don't want to use mist/metamask or anything like that for now. can some one tell me or show me the right way?
function MyToken() {
    balanceOf[msg.sender] = 21000000;
how i can create contract which used round based token selling like in first round 100 tokens with 10 price after that second round 200 with 5 price
can someone help me update mist to 0-10-0?
Vinicius Kenyu de Araujo Tengan
@kanobhavi74 you can use ETHTRANCHEPRICING.sol by tokenMarket
Create your own cryptocurrency here: http://learncryptotoken.com/create-erc20-token
Can someone send me a link for the steps to watch token for EOS?
I put the token contract address in the name and decimal 18 and it does nothing.
Hi Guys any one can have idea on Dynamic Harmonizing Adjustment Reward Masternode Algorithm

Hi guys, I am learning ethereum.
geth --port 3020 --networkid 58342 --nodiscover --datadir="privchain" --maxpeers=0 --autodag \ --rpc --rpcport 8545 --rpcaddr --rpccorsdomain "*" --rpcapi "eth,net,web3" --ipcapi "eth,net,web3"

it gives me following error :

Incorrect Usage. flag provided but not defined: -autodag


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any one here
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Kapil Chhabra
how can I add start date and end date in my smart contract?
what are you doing?
Kapil Chhabra
@linuxhsj I need to add coin start date and end date in smart contract, it will start from 1st of May and end on 15th of July
And dapps open-source for studying..
The CLay
bagaimana saya melengkapi data diri dan registrasi demgan benar apakah ada yang bisa menjelaskan