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How to Mint ERC20 Tokens and increase supply like tether does??
Any help would be appreciated. I saw concept of Minting tokens and ethereum/EIPs#621 But not able to understand how to implement it?
Help me,how to create my token ?
Any one here?
@huiwanglyg if you want, you could chat with me. my wechat: testwq, or send me an email as 954867522@qq.com
i can help you
@Alpha11201 i can help you
hello friend , i am new to ethereum development,can anybody help me for
how can i use nethereum in vs 2017
Why don't you use visusal studio code?
Jose Herminio Collas
I am trying to build a Hello World Ethereum Private Network.
Is it better to just use Mist, and not Ethereum Wallet?
How do you set initial price of coin?
Anyone know how to set initial price of coin from smart contract
hello cant u hlep me
Vitaly Leokumovich
Anyone know if the example code to start a DAO is current.
I get an error for some reason
Emanuele Ricci

I've for instance created a shop SC. The flow should be like this:

  • Seller login into the backend system (server). Create a product and the backend send the transaction to the SC that write the product on the SC.
  • Buyer login into the backend system and want to buy the product. It send a transaction with the ID of the product and the correct amount of token to the SC.

Now the backend need to know when the product has been correctly bought. How can the backend listen as a callback from the SC? What usually do developers?

Karthikeyan K R
I'm creating an exchange site. I've installed go-ethereum blockchain in my web server. I want to add an erc20 token which is smart contracted in myetherwallet. For that what flags should I add when running geth daemon?
@StErMi A common solution would be to run a node.js script in the backend server. You can use the library web3, although I recommend and use ethjs. In ethjs you would set up a so called event filter which would listen for a specific event fired by the SC. Hmu at andreemic@gmail.com if you want more help with that
@soodakshay A smart contract for a token/coin only holds the information about holder balances and functions to transfer these balances. It doesn't actually sell any coins. In order to sell your coins, you would need a second Smart Contract, which is often called the "ICO Contract". It can accept ether and transfer the appropriate amount of your coins to the buyer. There, you can set an initial price (for example, you get 10 of your coins for 1 ether). hmu if you want more help with it andreemic@gmail.com
@giefk9 the minting functionality would need to be defined inside the Token Smart Contract. check out https://www.ethereum.org/token for a simple minting function example. It can also be done dynamically
Hello, i'm trying to write a smart contract which can be upgraded later. Can anyone recommend me a good article to follow please?
I want to create contract token please help
@sameerji01 just let me know what kind of contract token you want. You could send me an email for detail : 954867522@qq.com
Navneet Boghani
Hi, i have made one crowdsale for my token, now crowsale is close. but my crowsale is fail. so i have to refund eth according to token, but some small mistake in refund functionality. so how can i change or update crowasale? so anybody help me for that
my crowsale on ethscan as above url
@navneetboghani what is the issue exactly?
Navneet Boghani
how can refund my eth from this contract?
just trying to understand what the actual problem is. Also, are you the owner of the contract?
Navneet Boghani
refund function is working only for first trancation of contract
in this address i have spend 140 eth
but i can get refund first 39 eth
remain eth not geting

And you have control of this address: '0xbad6f174c8267d8b9d7c1006f56fb63e64a84488' right?

Can you use the selfdestruct option?

Navneet Boghani
yes 0xbad6f174c8267d8b9d7c1006f56fb63e64a84488 this one my eth address in my mist wallet
ok. so you should be able to call 'removeContract' and get all of the ETH back in that address. Then you would need to go through the event log to refund any other addresses that haven't called refund yet.
Were there any other users that contributed multiple times?
i have only 7 to 8 member who have contribute multiple time
so as per you saying if i m destroy contract then eth refund automatilly on user address right?