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  • Jun 05 2016 10:31
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don't make a dime sure not donating nothing
hello everyone;
what is the safest way to issu the contract?
i have question for crate own coin use erc 20
i'm send own coin to other wallet but use ether fee
how to send own coin by use own coin fee
Hi, someone send me a completed code please? i always get error when i use code on ethereum.org
Anyone , I need help with ethereum
Kindly contact eth@consultant.com for rectification
Hi Guys, New tutorials for Solidity are available here : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLL5pYVd8AWtT6vcvLo6vHv3EmtsqiQBxy
davoud vakili
my name is ERIC from china, very glad to be here
I need some information or method about eth testing, please send to me. ths
Hello all
I am unable to see constructer parameters as soon as a define a contract.. can anyone help. I am new to etherium
i see so many questions who answers them?

Hi There is a person to answer the question here

Is it?

HI All can any one give me link to understand basic of bitcoin etc.. Jumping into technical gives me tough time to understand the concepts
davoud vakili
very thanks
in this bout you can doing two work:
1) - or going to the metamask part to the test
davoud vakili
2)- you can going to the ether wallet and going to the part test
is there anyone tole me about creating account implemented
Anubhav Gupta
I have a requirement where we need to save data(pdf) to blockchain so that any third party can access and view it later by the block address. I can't store the hash of the data on blockchain as the third party does not have access to the original document to verify the hash of the data. Is it feasible?
Deep Vora
I'd say its not feasible, as storing data on blockchain is really expensive
also if you end up doing that, encrypt your file before storing on blockchain

We can create ERC20 tokens using solidity or even metamask.. but how to create unique address to transfer them?

I mean token like Gold reward or coins like Bitconnect has it's own pattern of address to transfer in between. how to do that?

In HitBTC also for every token you will get unique address to send..

if is there any way to do this, need to do that during the contract deployment or can be done after creating the simple token ?

Akshay Dev H
Hi, i have used the functions from https://www.ethereum.org/token ,, it deploys perfectly, but returns an error "the constructor should be payable, if you send value" message while attempting to buy tokens using ether (in Java Script VM) . I have also made the constructor function payable.. still it returns error :(
Where would be the best place to get help on deploying a token regarding myetherwallet? I've choked out something that I suspect was malformed and can't afford to make that mistake again.
Hi all , how to get all the blocks transaction like as etherscan.api based on ethereum address , plz help me to solve
How can we get transaction details from ethereum address using web3 its getting slow any other solution that would get result fast.Like etherscan api??
hi all, i am trying to create an account but for hours seeing generating account... any clue?
Melvin Olive
Hello all I am trying to raise funds for my startup via etherium crowd sale.
in the amount of 2000000 USD
Hello everyone,
can anyone please help to sort out my problem,
Actually i want to use one instance of my token contract in many other contract (different contracts for differnt type of people like advisors , developers).
If anyone knows , please help me
Myles MacGregor
When I try to develop a new contract, why is the line "function MyToken(...)" wrong?
How do we deal with this error : Defining constructors as functions with the same name as the contract is deprecated. Use "constructor(...) { ... }" instead.
I am new to ethereum and need some help with this
Hey guys, how can I verify the contract on etherscan?
The reason of this warning is that : in latest version of solidity , constructor function should defined with the keyword constructor not with the name of the
Thanks @anuragLHT

So Now function myContract () {

willl b something like constructor myContract () {