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Privacy on the Blockchain. How it is possible ?
Hey guys, im a rookie trying to create an erc20, everytime I paster the erc20 code in the token code area it tells me internal error w json file cannot compile code. plz help
json rpc error
Hasnat Ahmed
Hello Everyone
Hey guys, its been a week I am trying to connect to test network on ethereum, but sync doesn't shows false. What to do now. Looking forward from you.
@zhangxing152 You can check out this link : https://youtu.be/w-2X03Z35x4
Why is China's ICO now unrestrained?
连接testnet Balance null 谁有解决办法
i got 0 when call eth.getBalance(eth.accounts[0]) in the js console
hy folks
i have a question about ethereum
i heard ether is now not needed to use and run it
so are transactions now for free or do they tace a small percentage fee of the transaction sum?
Raheel Aslam
Please Can ethereum Devs guide what i need for creating the ERC20 token and get reward on base of taken ?
@zhang3333333 ?
Hi, I am 100% new to smart contracts and am looking for a combined token and crowdsale contract that is secure. I copied some code from a site that is basically a tutorial but when I put it through Securify it gave me all kinds of errors. Is there anyplace I can find what I am looking for?
@amazonmonkey1974 Take a look at this channel. It has many nice tutorials for beginner as well as intermediate learners : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb3Rrg2t4PZ59Sna497DUZA?sub_confirmation=1
Nicole Zhu

Hey everyone,
Here’s a technical walkthrough series for Ethernaut’s smart contract hacking puzzles. It’s been a good learning resource to dive deeper into the vulnerabilities of Solidity, i.e. a Turing complete language on the blockchain.

Thought I’d document my learning journey for public benefit here: https://hackernoon.com/ethernaut-lvl-1-walkthrough-how-to-abuse-the-fallback-function-118057b68b56

Hi All. I am unable to find the accounts reflecting in remix(web3 provider), I am using ethjsonrpc from aws ethereum blockchain templates
where Public key and private key generates . On blockchain or local wallet ?
Hi All. I am unable to find the accounts reflecting in remix(web3 provider), I am using ethjsonrpc from aws ethereum blockchain templates
Hi all
want to know about designing smart contracts
for a supply chain use case
@Deepakguru1990 You can checkout this channel, it has many great tutorials : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb3Rrg2t4PZ59Sna497DUZA?sub_confirmation=1
I have 4 actors and each perform similar functions like create asset, transfer asset, receive, reject
will it be a good design to have 4 contracts each for 1 actor
or i can have them as 2 contracts -> first contract between first actor and second actor(asset shape is different), second contract between second actor and the rest of actors in the chain(asset shape is different)
Who performs mining in the private blockchain created using cloud providers?
@Deepakguru1990 Please ask question on any one of the channel. Do not spam everywhere
Sure. Couldn't find a suitable group, hence asked everywhere. Intention was to get the answer not to spam!!
How blockchain maintain addresses collision. ? anyone knows ?
I have made coding on cryptocurrency, in java. how can i enlist that in blockchain
Nicole Zhu

@sierra1bravo Hey Sierra, in general, you don't want to use "transfer" to move tokens around. Try using the approve+transferfrom combo, see why transfer opens you to security issues here: https://medium.com/coinmonks/ethernaut-lvl-15-naught-coin-walkthrough-how-to-abuse-erc20-tokens-and-bad-icos-6668b856a176. Transfer() was how a lot of ICOs got tokens permanently locked.

Try pasting your code into RemixIDE to get started with the least setup time: http://remix.ethereum.org/

Manish Ranjan
Hello guys please try http://blockaction.io/
Bringing web3 to browser
Sierra Bravo
Thanks @nczhu. Will try as suggested.
I am confused when i transfer ERC20 tokens from one account to other the fee is deducted from ETH account i want to the gas fee is apply direct from token account balance not from ETH balance.
Hi Guys, I am a blockchain developer working on Bitcoin and other blockchains previously, Now I am planning to launch an huge ICO of my own publicly, I see there is lot of help available including on the website ethereum.org. I am looking to find the best and most efficient way to do this? Can some one please help me out?
hello sir
Generating account ethreum wallet
Paul Nguyen
Hello Sir
Nice to meet you
@dhitaishin Use Feeless smart contract