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  • Jun 05 2016 10:31
    @alexvandesande banned @adamskee
  • Mar 16 2016 01:12
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Hi, I'd like to create my own Blockchain Congress that Executes the proposal automatically after x minutes instead of executing it manually. Does anyone know how to get around this? Thank you very much!
@vanaelsg You need external account to start transaction. If you want to execute automaticcally, then you need daemon process who will do it for you.
How can I run this token tutorial ? what should I download ?
hi anyone know about the meaning of "interface" in the third line"interface Token {"
Hi Does anyone know about the meaning of "interface" in the third line"interface Token { " ?
Nick Mudge
I am looking for a writer who would like to write a tutorial for ERC1538, transparent contracts: ethereum/EIPs#1538
@mudgen I can help
Shawn Kelly
hi we Would Like To Start a Blockchain, inploying Couple Idea That is Never used Before in rypto
Crypto ש
These Would Have Appeal to Regular Eth, And Then i Could Just Fork The byprod
Frist And foremost, Dualized Account Address On Every Client, So One A Year You Can Transfer Balances To Secondary Account And Then Flush The Blockchain Shrinking Netwrok Breadth, Then Those Fund Go To The prim Account After Flush, Storing Old Blocks in Another Off net db Any takes
Hello ! I am trying to create a crowd-sale but Etherscan say the contract sent a token to my address but I receive nothing
hello am completely new in here i would like to learn about Blockchain, gethy, solidity so is there is anyone able to assist i will be glad
Tell me if it suits your need.
Navneet Boghani
Hello when i transfer token using web 3 JS, at that time transaction id and error is not showing and token also not transfer
whats problem for that
Bhavesh Anand

Hi everyone.

Hope you are doing well. I am Bhavesh. Works on Python. I was Summer intern in Google Summer of Code 2018.
I am new to block chain.
I was given a task in Hackathon on smart contracts. Task has been completed available at https://github.com/bhaveshAn/infura-web3-py.
I have been asked to optimize the solution by using web3.eth.getCode can you help me with that.

Asadullah Khalid
Hi guys has any one ever used the kovan test network?
How is it better than rinkeby or ropsten test network ?
Navneet Boghani
Hi guys, how to transfer ecr20 token using web3 js?
Hello, I am getting 0x after compiling smart contract using truffle
Is anybody having any idea
Hi I need people to work alongside me for a project. Plz pm if interested. only serious candidates
Hi All
Will bytecode be 0x for inteface contract?

Hello...I'm using the straight code copied and pasted from Ethereum to do an online democracy...getting this error..Could not compile source code.

Different number of components on the left hand side (2) than on the right hand side (1).
(bool success, ) = p.recipient.call.value(p.amount)(transactionBytecode);

Same here
My contract showed up, but it is blank
what data type we use to store e-mail address ?
why is this contract throw errors whrn deploying

Could not compile source code.

Expected ',' but got identifier
interface tokenRecipient { function receiveApproval(address _from, uint256 _value, address _token, bytes calldata _extraData) external; }

what's happen
anyone there?
I am working on Payment channel where i need to generate signature for transfer Ether or token to another address but i don't want to use Metamask to generate signature. Is there any alternative ? Please guide.
Shawn Kelly
How About this Everybody Describe What They Think they kno Bout their problen And What you think You know About The steps You've Taken And Where You Were Actually Unsure in The procedure Pastebin You're collective backhere And Not Your immediate stoppage
I am creating RC20 Token using etherium wallet but creating contract by this why is not verify by etherscan
hi, i and trying to deploy a smart contract to mainnet since yesterday, i have put gas 250000, gasprice 20 Gwei, however i kept getting: Error encountered, bailing. Network state unknown. Review successful transactions manually.
Error: Contract transaction couldn't be found after 50 blocks. TxHash is not detected in etherscan. Is there any problem with the network?
Hi can someone help me with a carwallet smart contract code or tutorial..Thanks
@rich168 I am also excited to know about this function could anyone please help
I want to change the coin icon icon.
How to please help me. How do I change the currency icon?
where to start with ether development
please guys guide me a bit #newbie
Nico Flaig
@agprakhar1997 check out https://cryptozombies.io/
can i implement any she in ethereum blockchain?
Hum... I've been looking at the doc and I would like to know how fees are handled when we create a token?
Example: I'm creating a token and I hold a certain amount since I'm the one creating it. I'm giving some token to people for some services given to me. Since I'l giving a token and not ethereum, where does the miner take the fee?
@akuma06 But you have to pay some fee in ether (GAS) to transfer token
hey...anyone have ico contract code availabe in ethereium?????