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  • Jun 05 2016 10:31
    @alexvandesande banned @adamskee
  • Mar 16 2016 01:12
    @alexvandesande banned @scbosse
@Fatah8 contact ETH@CONSULTANT.COM
@Mashud22 contact ETH@CONSULTANT.COM for rectification
Jobin Johny
Truffle migrate to aws node, anyone know how to troubleshoot? Basically it cannot reach the rpc to 8545, port is already open. Anything else to do ?
Sundeep Kumar
hi guys
im trying to migrate an abstract contract but im unable to do so...can anyone tell me how
"SelectorProvider" is an abstract contract or an interface and cannot be deployed.
this is the error im getting
Servent for god allah Vogoban
Does anyone know how to implement load balancing in an Ethereum network
Selva Raman
I used to change constant into both view and pure. both shows error
And also I changed compiler version to 0.4.6.
but it is not fixed.
Can someone pls help me
Suraj Kumar Shrestha
Inquiry: Can https://ethereum.gitbooks.io/frontier-guide/content/index.html be used as documentation for ethereum or is the whole or some part of this doc are obsolete? The gitbook site https://legacy.gitbook.com/book/ethereum/frontier-guide/details shows it was updated 3 years ago.
Rohit Verma
Hey guys,
Check out how to build a crypto exchange integrated with web3.js on AWS using serverless components : https://coderecipe.ai/architectures/95580531
@Lordcero could you paste in your contract that you are trying to deploy?
Hello friends to deposit constantinople in exchanges is there a special tutorial or can it be done directly from Metamask?
Rohit Verma
Hey guys,
Check out how to use web3 on AWS Lambda for building serverless ethereum apps: https://coderecipe.ai/architectures/57148351
As far as I know, Etherdelta store user's private key in browser storage. How do they store it securely? Please give some hints. Thanks
contact ETH@CONSULTANT.COM for rectification
check this out i designed a serverless system using web3.py and queues, www.silamoney.com
@rfikki how set port for localhost:8545 not connect to the remixd
hello, How can I develop a dapp without metamask?
full post
how can i split my contract into smaller contract ? my contract is too big to migrate now
Hey there! Some of my team is running a webinar this thursday that teaches you how to create dapps on Ethereum in minutes. Would love to see some of u guys there :-) https://pages.chainstack.com/eth-signup

Hello everyone,
Can anyone tell me, how to identify that a transaction is cancelled or dropped, in the ethereum blockchain?

Thanks in advance

When you submit the transaction to the client you will receive a transaction hash back. You can look on the bockchain to see if that transaction has been incorporated or not. Even if it has not been incorporated yet, it's possible that the transaction is still outstanding and may be incorporated in the future (the transaction could be delayed because you set the gas price to a low value). If you want to 'cancel' the transaction to make sure it never goes through you must issue a new transaction (with the same nonce) which does get executed. Once the new transaction has been incorporated then the old transaction is no longer valid (because the nonce is wrong).
is there a tutorial on how to airdrop an erc20 token?
Christian juru
Hello community. I'm new to the Solidity code. i'm having some problems. looking for help.
@Chriscorp dm me. Maybe I can help
is there anyone who can build telegram bots?
module' is undefined code 800A1391
Christian juru
@navaid9 thank you. I realized it and corrected it. I shall be : (arg = 'congressLeader', coderType = "address", value = "addressOfTheAdmin")
Tiisetso Masilo
I get this error: "ReferenceError: bytecode is not defined" when deploying a smart contract to Rinkebey through Infura. I am using solc 0.4.25, web3@1.0.0-beta.37 and truffle-hdwallet-provider@1.0.12.
@hooji thnx

{"code":-32000,"message":"exceeds block gas limit"}

Does anyone know about this error, any help will be appretiated, thanks.

is solar energy trading code available in ethereum platform? iwant to work on it
Marcos Novaes
any guides on making ui for smart contracts? i have a lot of difficulty doing that
Adam Skrodzki
@marcosnovaesq take a look at truffle drizzle
Marcos Novaes
@adamskrodzki ok!!!! will take a look
Hi, I want MIST to work for my token as I do this, someone to help me
Hi everyone, can we tranfer ethers from one contract to another..? Please any one help me i got puzzled..
Hi everyone, can we tranfer ethers from one account to another account through smart contact? Please any one help me i got puzzled..
@bit-warrior sorry sir i'm writing a solidity code,i need to transact ethers from EOA contract accout, how it can be written sir, anybody can answer all are welcome..