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  • Jun 05 2016 10:31
    @alexvandesande banned @adamskee
  • Mar 16 2016 01:12
    @alexvandesande banned @scbosse
module' is undefined code 800A1391
Christian juru
@navaid9 thank you. I realized it and corrected it. I shall be : (arg = 'congressLeader', coderType = "address", value = "addressOfTheAdmin")
Tiisetso Masilo
I get this error: "ReferenceError: bytecode is not defined" when deploying a smart contract to Rinkebey through Infura. I am using solc 0.4.25, web3@1.0.0-beta.37 and truffle-hdwallet-provider@1.0.12.
@hooji thnx

{"code":-32000,"message":"exceeds block gas limit"}

Does anyone know about this error, any help will be appretiated, thanks.

is solar energy trading code available in ethereum platform? iwant to work on it
Marcos Novaes
any guides on making ui for smart contracts? i have a lot of difficulty doing that
Adam Skrodzki
@marcosnovaesq take a look at truffle drizzle
Marcos Novaes
@adamskrodzki ok!!!! will take a look
Hi, I want MIST to work for my token as I do this, someone to help me
Hi everyone, can we tranfer ethers from one contract to another..? Please any one help me i got puzzled..
Hi everyone, can we tranfer ethers from one account to another account through smart contact? Please any one help me i got puzzled..
@bit-warrior sorry sir i'm writing a solidity code,i need to transact ethers from EOA contract accout, how it can be written sir, anybody can answer all are welcome..
*EOA to contract account
Hi guys!
I whant to make a security token offering, any of you could give me some suggestions?
I'm getting this Error: Returned error: Insufficient funds. The account you tried to send transaction from does not have enough funds. but i've 3 eth in my account in metamask. but why this error? pls help
Hi Is it possible to do unit testing with truffle/solidity for a remote contract if i know contract ABI, Its Address and Function interfaces. I do not have complete contract code
Ethan van Ballegooyen
Hey there :) I hope you're all well
not well
i am real not well \
In solidity, A 'pure' function can neither modify the contract's data nor read it. Can you give example of a function that might need to be 'pure' ?
A function which adds two numbers would be an example @KshitijV97
Hi, fighting partners, I already have a token created now what steps should I follow ..... write to me in private please.
Muhammad Taimoor
I have a custom smart contract on Ropsten testnet. I want to execute a function in that smart contract with uPort wrapped with Web3 but i am unable to do the configuration. I have followed the tutorial and documentation of uPort transaction signing with Web3 but still i am unable to do it. does anyone has an example or tutorial for this? any help would be great.
Rohith Srivathsav

Hey guys. I recently wrote an article which explains you step by step how you can build a full stack vending machine ethereum dapp with solidity and javascript. Maybe someone in this group might be interested!

Here is the tutorial: https://www.roheat.com/code-a-full-stack-vending-machine-ethereum-dapp-with-solidity-and-javascript/

Please feel free to check it out and leave some feedback. Thanks!

Julien Klepatch
Just released the largest Ethereum Dapp tutorial ever, 5h total.
We build 5 Dapps together, and it covers smart contract, tests, and frontend
Justin Hunter

Hey y'all! We're building tools to make Ethereum development easy and Ethereum use easy, but we want to make sure we're building the right thing. If you have 2 min, can you fill out this survey? We have tons of tutorials planned with our new tools once we've validated our direction!


Ake Gaviar
if you need free shared Ethereum nodes, you can get those with Chainstack
Muhammad Taimoor
can anyone provide an example of calling a custom smart contract function using uPort credentials?. smart contract is deployed on Ropsten testnet and i am trying to execute a function inside it using uport Credentials.
Ake Gaviar
check out these tutorials https://docs.chainstack.com/tutorials/
Shubham Pathak
Hey, can anyone guide me on how to create a Dapp with Android?
Alexander Lee

hey ya’ll. I’ve started a tutorial series on solidity via youtube. Dedicated to updating weekly. Please check it out and give some support!


Hey everyone, we're doing a workshop on Testing Smart Contracts with Veronica Zheng, an Engineer at Coinbase, on 25th November, 10 AM PST. This will be a live and interactive workshop where you can ask questions. More information & sign up link here: https://twitter.com/CoinList/status/1197238977666994178
Aniket Tikone
how can i fetch all the tokens from ethereum network to my wallet ?using web3js(nodejs) or web3j(java)?
Burak Benligiray
Hey everyone, quickly plugging in our hackathon on developing a real-world connected dApp here:
Has good cash prizes with plenty of time left to join in

Didn't find a lot of resources on how to deploy a gas free Parity PoA chain into a Kubernetes environment. I tried to keep this sample project as basic and simple as I can. Hoping it can help other people that want to play around with a gas free chain in a kubernetes environment!


Aniket Tikone
Aniket Tikone
I would like to crawl an Ethereum network completely,is there any way?
Farid Rafati
Hello Every Body
Do you have any beginning tutorials about ethereum
Edson Ayllon
Hey, I made a tutorial for communicating to Ethereum smart contracts with a React application. Let me know if there are any errors so I can push corrections. https://medium.com/fullstacked/connect-react-to-ethereum-b117986d56c1?source=friends_link&sk=a79689e52fad9fad02d7385c5b936a6e
Philip Rego
@balajipachai "gas is the metric using which transactions on the ethereum blockchain are executed." whats the point of gas why isnt the fee just in ether. 1 transactoin = 0.0003 ether or whatever. whats the whole point of having gas and gas limit seems complicated for no reason
Shebin John


I am getting an error response from Metamask (which is intended), while I try a particular transaction. Currently, I am getting all the error info, which I don't want the user to see. Is there a way I could parse the info from the error below. I am using a try-catch mechanism to catch the Error. And the below response is stored in the err variable.

[object Object]
  "message": "VM Exception while processing transaction: revert Contract is Paused at the moment",
  "code": -32000,
  "data": {
    "0xe45338d91c0015eed4257858ad69b06b995f9b56ffced9a0f2015a369d59418c": {
      "error": "revert",
      "program_counter": 9721,
      "return": "0x08c379a000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000200000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000020436f6e74726163742069732050617573656420617420746865206d6f6d656e74",
      "reason": "Contract is Paused at the moment"

The catch block:

} catch (err) {

I want to either get the message part or reason part.

I already tried multiple ways using JSON.parse(), JSON.stringify() and toString().

Any help is appreciated. Thank You in advance.