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Does anyone know of a good tutorial or overview of the EVM which would be helpful for someone writing a language which targets the EVM?

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Hello, Im having trouble connecting Ganache to my actual project on visual studio. I haven't been able to do any transaction. can someone help me ?
Keval S Thanki
Is there any Tutorial on how to make a decentralized e-commerce using solidity and ethereum?
Flint Zheng
Gabriel Rocheleau
Hi people! Not sure if this is the right place to post, but I've written a tutorial on Merkle Patricia Trees as used in Ethereum, with follow-along examples in JavaScript. It's live on GitHub here: https://github.com/gabrocheleau/merkle-patricia-trees-examples
Sreesankar G Warrier
Hi, Currently am learning about ERC20 Token and am planning to develop my own token using truffle-hdwallet-provider and Openzappelin-solidity. But am stuck how to get started. If anyone gives me a path that will be useful to me.
Nick Mudge
I just published a new article that covers the basics of how Ethereum diamonds work, how to get started making one, and how to use one: https://dev.to/mudgen/understanding-diamonds-on-ethereum-1fb
Any guides on flushing a stuck transaction? I need some help to get my wallet back in working order and this 25 day old tx is still "pending" for some reason.
ho to login with metamask to etherdelta?
Ajay Singh

@ajayatgit Do you guys offer DEXON networks XDD?


Christopher Wan
Hey guys! After 2 years of hard engineering work we’re super excited to open Alchemy’s blockchain developer platform to everyone! Sign up for free here: https://dashboard.alchemyapi.io/signup/ If you have not heard of Alchemy we are a blockchain infrastructure platform that powers 70% of the top Ethereum companies in existence.
guys ı need help about Transaction pending? can anyone help me? pls
Nick Mudge
Let's encourage Austin Griffith to make a demo of a diamond: https://twitter.com/mudgen/status/1301879143748063233
AbdulSamii Ajala
Hello, please I need some help implementing seed wallet in my multi currency crypto wallet
Any hint will bẹ deeply appreciated
Nick Mudge

@mudgen I can help

Can you write a tutorial about using EIP-2535 Diamond Standard?

how to convert private key into memoniac phrase
Han Tuzun
I've started a blog series where I'll be annotating selected CS papers and then Ethereum papers and more
JC Awe
@newforkdelta No it's a one way process. You can get a key from a seed but not the reverse. But that's not an issue, just generate a new seed with an offline wallet or a hardware one, and send all your ether on an address generated with this seed and just forget about the first one once you are sure you will never use it again. But if you just created it I guess you don't have much history. Be sure to transfer tokens like ERC20 or else first before you empty the ethers from the account otherwise you won't be able to do it next as you won't be able to pay the fees.
help me create a new token erc20
it's difficult to learn
Deepak Bhavsar
Getting started with ethereum
Can someone tell me from where should I start..?
Karl Schmidt
This might be a good place to start:
HuiChi Man
"How to Build a DAO on Colony" - check it out 🤩 https://youtu.be/xxIDyhWFMhU
Can eth be mined on a gaming laptop?
Kevin Gates
@victory090 It's not difficult to learn
Austin Imbastari
Anyone have a good tutorial on how to get started developing DApps using solidity and truffle
Ali Wisam Ch
Hello guys, I need help in forking superrare. https://github.com/Pixura
JC Awe
@Austin-Imbastari audtin griffin
If you need a good place to buy,sell or swap any token or crypto coin
You re free to hit me up
vincent youmans
@vancoins:matrix.org hitting you up... tell me what you can do different than other resources.
We do many things more better,faster than others resources , that's why we stand out among the rest

address(product.highestBidder) == 0 here address is compared to zero mean s?

is this valid

Tyler Wolfe
Created a brief guide on getting started with Ganache + web3 for local blockchain testing if anyone is interested https://t.co/8ScTlwa6no https://notioblock.com/2021/05/15/getting-started-with-ganache-for-local-blockchain-development-and-testing/
I am trying to make a supply chain on ethereum
using nft
can Anyone help pls
how to trigger external function like js from inside solidity

Created a brief guide on getting started with Ganache + web3 for local blockchain testing if anyone is interested https://t.co/8ScTlwa6no https://notioblock.com/2021/05/15/getting-started-with-ganache-for-local-blockchain-development-and-testing/

Okay I will take a look

can someone send some kovan eth pls
Hello guys, my name is Nicolas. I'm trying to deploy a blockchain around eth to start an app but I have no skills in coding? Any tips? Should I start learning blockchain dev languages?