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Fuck Off
And those actual desktop clients are not linked to anywhere from the official Ethereum website, and definitely not on that "find-wallet" webpage. What's with that?
Lauri Peltonen
the problem is that there is no "official Ethereum website"
there is nothing official as it's a decentralized network
but, last time I used a desktop wallet, Ethereum Wallet seemed to work
just be very careful about from where you download your things
Fuck Off
@microbecode Why is that client not mentioned under "find-wallet", then?
And yes, I know, "there is nothing official", but in reality, there still is.
Just like I get Bitcoin Core from the "official" Bitcoin website.
(And I would never dare to trust any other Bitcoin client.)
It surprises me that you say "last time I used a desktop wallet", as if this is something from "olden days".
@microbecode Also, "Ethereum Wallet" is so generic as to be impossible to find even with search engines.
It feels like I've stepped into an alternate dimension or something. Why is nobody able to tell me where to download the actual software?
Lauri Peltonen
I simply don't use desktop wallet. I use browser extension wallet Metamask, which is super popular
Fuck Off
Browser extension... Seems too flimsy to me.
And probably doesn't support Pale Moon anyway.
I expect to be able to interact with Ethereum via a local RPC API, like Bitcoin Core.
So I need a non-Google-infested desktop client. The "official" website doesn't link one single desktop client/wallet. Why?
Dick Davies
because there are loads to choose from. just use metamask or download a full node and sync it up
if you want a full client, the Go one from github.com/ethereum/ is what you want. Try it, and then come back when you realise why literally everyone is suggesting you use metamask instead.
Dick Davies
99% of users don't want a full node, they want to be able to use dApps and the clients on the main ethereum site reflect that
i understand your gut reaction might be that a browser extension is flimsy. as somebody who spent a year using a gui wallet locally and then made the switch I can safely say your gut reaction doesn't know what it's talking about.
(if you actually want to interact with the chain then services like infura will probably give you a much nicer developer experience than a local node)
Fuck Off
@rasputnik "Loads to choose from", and yet they can't list even ONE? How does that make any sense?
@rasputnik Go is made by Google. I specifically said I wanted something free from their tentacles.
I don't need a "fullnode". Just an actual... application.
Why is something that is supposed to be decentralized all about using "services" where you have to register account at centralized websites?
http://cpp-ethereum.org/ just redirects to https://ethereum.org/en/ , with no explanation.
It's an infinite loop of links that go round and round.
If Ethereum is an actual "thing", and not just vaporware/fake, I certainly cannot figure out how to download its software.
Fuck Off
Frankly, the only reason I still try to actively figure this out is that I need to find a way to escape the tentacles of the "banks" for my survival.
A normal user would long, long ago have given up.
Fuck Off
Judging by the (total lack of) activity in these chat rooms, I cannot imagine that Ethereum is actually a thing that's being used. But I'll still not quite give up yet.
Lauri Peltonen
you are correct that the onboarding process is not the easiest - although most new users start with metamask and are happy with it
and an application won't get you far anyway - you need access to a node anyway. metamask has that built-in (uses an external service provider)
Fuck Off
@microbecode "Supported browsers: Spyware and Spyware".
Chrome and Firefox. I refuse to install either of those software cancerware on my machine. And I cannot believe that anyone who is into cryptocurrencies would be using them.
But it feels like I'm an alien in this world, where nothing makes any sense anymore.
Lauri Peltonen
Brave is also supported
Fuck Off
Brave is just a Chrome skin, though.
Lauri Peltonen
well, then I believe you're out of luck
good luck finding a wget client
Fuck Off
What's the point of decentralizing if you're going to use spyware anyway?
"a wget client"?
It's clear to me now that Ethereum is not an actual "thing". It's just a series of fake websites linking around in circles for the purpose of scamming people of money.

highpriest > <@gitter_etherhehrherhehr_gitlab:matrix.org> What's the point of decentralizing if you're going to use spyware anyway?

Hmmm.. FO does make a good point though... have you checked github for a different client?

how to convert private key into memoniac phrase
What does this error mean when you try to access ethereum site
(error_33) Could not connect to the node. Refresh your page, try a different node (top-right corner), check your firewall settings. If custom node, check your configs.
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