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Hey all! Just put together a guide for running a Geth node (includes Swarm and plugging in MetaMask): https://medium.com/@w.s.schwab/run-an-ethereum-node-on-linux-late-2019-b37a1d35800e
crazygamer15 hi
Ahmed Tijani Mohammed
Hello guys am new into this business, can some one help me with bitcou
Help your brother please
Yep sure can email me bigs21024@protonmail.com
Reshma Manjiyani
Can anyone help me to get my ethereums back from p
How to get Ethereum back from a closed ponzy scheme name ethtrade
@gogreentexans_twitter SFYL
Hi friends
b1-66er are there any good courses for learning solidity and ethereum ?
b1-66er everything i find looks outdated (I maybe wrong)
b1-66er pls recommend
Ahmed ramadan
Hello, the Eth1.x and Eth 2.0 don't have unspent transactions outputs stored like bitcoin, right? if so, how the balance is stored for the account?
Pranav Madhani
hi people
Juan Mayen 🌴baleadas.eth
Joem Wong
hello eth
aevann000 test
hello , how i can get 30$ bonus
Jimmy Paris
is there is any docker for mining on parity with cpu (or any other portable solution) ?
Jimmy Paris
or docker image with a static difficulty of 1 for geth?
Jimmy Paris

Geth mine to fast on 8 CPU on my private network with a difficulty of 1 and make uncles blocks, some time the transaction I send are included in the uncle and so not in the chain.

Any ideas how to fix that?

Aniket Tikone
hey,can anyone tell me that ,how i can able to fetch all available tokens from ethereum network to my wallet which is built by using java's web3j library

Hey everyone! CoinList has partnered with Numerai for a global online hackathon focused on building tools to help developers build great applications for the Erasure Protocol.


🌐 Global hackathon- participate from anywhere in the world
💰 Over $25k worth of prizes are available for the winners.
🎙 CoinList will announce winners to its community of hundreds of thousands of crypto investors and enthusiasts.
📆 Hackathon ends on December 17th, 2019
👀Judges include Fred Ehrsam, Joel Monegro, Jill Carlson, and more industry leaders

You can sign up for the hackathon here: https://coinlist.co/build/erasure

You also get $25 in DAI for every referral who submits a valid project!


I need a favor: Publish my ERC20 contract, created in mist ethereum wallet, and publish it on etherscam but it throws me this error

Error! Unable to generate Contract ByteCode and ABI (Compiler Exception)

Aniket Tikone
hey,can anyone tell me that ,how i can able to fetch all available tokens from ethereum network to my wallet which is built by using java's web3j library
hello,i send gas for ETH account use eth_getTransactionCount method, but this call return "nonce too low",please,who can help me ,pls...pls...
Aniket Tikone
nonce is nothing but the transaction count

nonce is nothing but the transaction count


Burak Benligiray
Hey everyone, quickly plugging in our hackathon on developing a real-world connected dApp here:
Has good cash prizes with plenty of time left to join in
qwe1236668899 ?
Shubham Verekar
Hello everyone, is there any example/templates for creating bonds on ethereum like?
Aviraj Khare

One of my friend sent me eth on public address generated by following private key:


I dont know how to transfer it to my other eth account. Can anyone please help?

Hi everyone, I just started learning blockchain. Please guide me step by step learning of this technology.
@zeptobook http://ethdocs.org/
Thank you @sh4d0v1
@sh4d0v1 this link is not working
Chris Spannos

Can anyone help explain this seemingly bizarre transaction?
(1) Account A initiates a transfer of 0.01 ETH to Account B.The transaction fee is set at 0.000105 ETH:https://etherscan.io/tx/0x496abba8deee9a2e0b9986d25135a44c1ad98029aa9d1e326d4e50718ef5bc1c

(2) When the block is mined, the transaction fee that goes to the miner is 0.09220999999995 ETH (!) and the value of the transaction, amounting to 0.00779000000005 goes to a new account, Account C(!):

The result is that transaction that Account A sent never makes it to account B. WTF?
Can anyone explain what is going on?


Hey everyone, nice to meet you all.

I'm working on a project called Honeycomb (honeycomb.market), which is essentially an API marketplace for smart contract developers, utilizing Chainlink oracles. So if anyone here is planning to build any smart contracts that require any external data (e.g. market rates, weather, sports scores...), do feel free to check out the service.

Also for the interests of this group, we have a hackathon currently active (>$12k in prizes, 9 days to go) at https://honeycomb.devpost.com/ that you might want to check out!

rydia_ Hello
Aniket Tikone
I would like to crawl an Ethereum network completely,is there any way?
big_sho hello all