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Yair Ivan Medina Cota
hello what's up
just for a comment if somebody told you that if you lost your private key, you won't be able to recover your money that isn't true there is another way to get your assets back
but you need to be able to make a fiscal exchange
Yair Ivan Medina Cota
or hacking up your own account
debugging through your web browser debugger
Yair Ivan Medina Cota
any way if you need a legal form that include the appropriate reference this is my number +5216624216861 so you can text or call me regard a transaction and i will send you the related [.PDF] to you wich might include the tx id, the HEX key, ETC, ETC

maroni_bonboni89 can some one help me out with some money please im from bulgaria becouse covid19 i lost my work and my mother im hopeless.....
Bank name

Wirecard Bank AG
Bank address

Einsteinring 35 85609 Aschheim, Germany


Bank country

Beneficiary name
Kristian Todorov

i will be greatfull to anything (is a payoneer account in EUR)
please donate

Hi all, probably a very asked question: what is the tech stack recommended for starting developing dapps on Ethereum. Any courses that you recommend would be a bonus. :-)
Fabian Schüssler
If I buy now the hardware to run a ethereum node 24/7, how will ethereum 2.0 affect the hardware?
Jordan they hid antenas under the keyboard to make it look like it terminates
Jordan employee paid off i think

codyg > <> employee paid off i think

Is there a news story about it or anything?

blocksgobrrr I have few questions about eth2. 1. Can a malicious eth1 node cause wrong validator behavior and slashing? 2. If or when validators attest the eth1 chain will synchronisation of the eth1 chain be required for validators? 3. In Phase 1.5 which validators will attest the eth1 chain as a shard: who choose to do it or the randomly selected? 4. Any other reasons for validators to maintain a full eth1 node?
Hi! Does anyone know of a nice beaconchain explorer for the schlesi network (multi-clients)? Thanx!
arminius1 I Love Ethereum
arminius1 I Love Dao
Tamra R. Arteaga
have a question on Eth2
Muhammed Ariyo
I love
I want to sell ethereum
Tamra R. Arteaga
It's not a trading forum .
highpriest This is not ETC FORUM either
Hello everyone! I'like cryptography, progamming and I want to get involved⛓️😃 Aleth and solidity first. Well nice to meet you!🤗😸
Howdy folks! Good afternoon!
is anyone here?
Hello, is metamask a good wallet?
Lauri Peltonen
it's popular and handy, at least
what about mew? Are their functionalities similar @microbecode ?
Lauri Peltonen
not really, they don't provide a browser plugin
(last I checked)
and will I be able to use the new reddit tokens with mew? I know metamask support is documented for moons, but I'm not sure about mew. (I am new to the ethereum ecosystem, sorry for stupid questions :D )
Lauri Peltonen
all questions are fine :) the tokens are regular ERC20 tokens in the public Ethereum blockchain (although not yet - currently they are in a testnet) so yes you can transfer them with whatever wallet
What are some recommended wallets? I come from the bitcoin ecosystem and there everything is a bit more mature (e.g. privacy wallets like samourai or wasabi)
Mew looks nice, as it's completely open source and you control your keys.
(I still don't have a hardware wallet, as I didn't found one that both supports eth and btc, has a secure chip and is completely open source)
also, is this trustworthy?
Its my understanding that the mist wallets are no longer any good?
how do I extract what keys I had on it?
Kashif Nawaz
hi guys i wanted to clarify few things how i can move my eth from one address to another
i am using blockcypher api to generate the eth address and sending eth from exchange to that address
Lauri Peltonen
no idea what that is but it's maybe easiest with some 'real' client
ayou baki
hello i need to buy 6$ethereum i will give 8$ paypal/neteller/skrill
ayou baki
@Sayoood_gitlab hello
@kashifnawaz77 hey would you sell me some ethereum
Auto desk
michael stanl
You can try on different investment tools. Bitcoin was not given importance to the first time, remember the times when the pizza was bought for 18000 btc. Pinetwork is an open front application because it has different features from other coins. The engraving process continues in the application. You do not give anything. Just press the green lightning icon once a day from your phone. Even if your phone is closed, scraping continues. If you want to try Pinetwork, which is a new breath in digital mining, you can access it from play stor. write "vetuka" there and complete the process