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highpriest Ask the exchange. Any one of them should be able to help you. No one else can help you here. Rookie mistake but that's the lesson here. You need to take responsibility for your own money and if you can't manage it then you will be part of the feudal surf class. Good luck
Lauri Peltonen
Double: you can only contact the exchange and hope for the best
Ah, was already answered
dan nguyen
very stupid mistake indeed, thanks for your respond guys
Max Block


Is the a way to get a raw tx from txpool via JSON RPC? I can get tx_hash from txpool. Next I can get all tx's fields like gas, gasPrice, input, from, to.. But how about raw tx? I mean a long hex string.

highpriest Sure, theres gotta be a way....
hi guys, i was just looking at transactions downloaded from ether scan, any idea when comparing , Value_IN(ETH) and Value_OUT(ETH).. i see more in Value_out ( I have removed all error/failed transactions)
Blockchain Research
Ethereum 2.0 is the next revolution in crypto.
AdamPothan Is anybody else noticing not working?
Just though it was a bad move for Hudson Jameson and james Hancock
to come out on twitter in support of #blm. Considering the hypocricy as all but 1 core dev is white. Also, both being anti progpow when lower income minorities are far less likely to afford asics.It is true eth can not be shutdown but it can be forcefully removed from us exchanges.
KaiRo I'm more interested in gas prices for the next few weeks to months, less in Ether-to-fiat prices on exchanges ;-)
Hi, can anyone help me ? I have setup Geth on my local machine and it is currently syncing. However, I need RPC as well as Websockets enabled so that my application can communicate with the node using Web3J.
I am able to start either RPC or Websocket. Unable to start both things simultaneously.
ethereum is love :)
KaiRo :)
KaiRo though I'd love more "normal" gas prices...
Philip Rego
Screenshot from 2020-06-11 01-03-12.png
what can I use to query a node to see recent DEX trades like these?
AdamPothan You need to go through each recent block and look for transactions that interact with that DEX's contract.
King Ortis
It is true when you buy one you get 2 ETH ?
unless basic mathematics no longer works then NO. If you were hold eth years ago before the dao hack then once eth fork to etc and eth. Then yougot 1 eth and 1 etc for each coin you had prefork.
Tamra R. Arteaga
is beacon contract up ?
Lauri Peltonen
public one? I don't think so
Tamra R. Arteaga
is it possible for a smart contract to stake it's balance ?
Lauri Peltonen
I'm sure such contracts will pop up everywhere
yes it's possible
umh, in some fashion at least
somebody has to be running the actual hardware, but there can be a contract which dictates how the assets are handled (and profits divided)
much like a mining pool but a bit more decentralized, I'd imagine
Tamra R. Arteaga
yeah , mining pools and letting them get too popular is just self defeating the idea of cryptocurencies .
Lauri Peltonen
I kinda disagree, but anyway.
Tamra R. Arteaga
do you have any links to exactly how to implement such "Staking by contract"
Lauri Peltonen
hmm, I saw somewhere something about it but wonder where..
sorry, couldn't find it anymore
Lauri Peltonen
instead of searcing my email, my first google hit was:
Tamra R. Arteaga
but that's not for smart contract developers
is it ?
Lauri Peltonen
no idea really, I haven't looked into it
Tamra R. Arteaga
it's for holders who have less than 32 and want to make an income on staking .
I find it dangerous to have too many people staking with these pools
they may form a cartel with other pools and screw the whole ecosystem
Tamra R. Arteaga
what gives me 1% chance of adding the next block ?
staking 1% of existing eth
staking 1% of all staked eth
I'll be back in 30 min