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David Stampley
Any advice?
William Godard
Hi, I am William and joined this gitter to learn how to code with ethereum.
Luiz Henrique Amorim
Hello! I'm Luiz and I'm beginner on blockchain world. I hope to learn more here.
Hello guys im newbie in python, im interestted by crypto since longtime. now i want progress as blockchain developer :)
Hello guys, I m newbie in blockchain. I love to learn and contribute to Ethereum.
hello guys im newbee in trading can you give advise when eth will go higher and lower?
Moshiur Rahman
I’m sorry to abuse your privacy,kindly take a look at the Swiss investment company, which has standard investments plans for achieving investment future goals.that’s the company website below
You can also view the company videos and pdf for more explanation, you can also contact their live support team for more information.
Website www.swiftdigitalcoin.com
Brock Street Barber
Good Afternoon, I got my coins stolen from my wallet including some Ethereum so I am here asking if anyone knows how I can recover them? Thanks!
It happened last night around 10:00 p.m. all was fine when I checked at 6:00 p.m. but then they were gone...
Lauri Peltonen
if they were transferred to an address which is not in your control, there isn't anything you can do
except figure out how it happened, so it wouldn't happen again
and never use that wallet anymore
Brock Street Barber
Thanks Lauri, do you think I should get the left over coins out of the wallet to a safer place?
Lauri Peltonen
certaily. but your problem is that if you transfer Ether to it, for getting the coins out, the attacker may manage to get the Ether out before you manage to use it for gas
Brock Street Barber
I see...but I don't have Ether anymore they took all those already!
agum programador para parceria em um projeto de token para plataformas de streaming

Hi, we (my brother and me) build a algorithmic hedging protocol. The goal of hedgehog is to allow fully decentralized chain hedging against depreciation of on chain assets. Please look at the site for more information. We are curious about your opinion and if you would like to promote this towards your community? Please let me know and if you have further questions please let us know!

Kind regards,

Mitchell & Kevin Foesenek


Hi. I'm sure this has been asked many times before, but could someone point me towards any documentation which explains the difference between log index and transaction index?
Lauri Peltonen
logs typically refer to the events being emitted from contracts, while transactions are the envelopes which call a contract function. they are two quite different things. Although the terms are sometimes a bit confusing, since different places use different terminology
@microbecode Can logs be said to be contained in transactions?
Lauri Peltonen
kinda, yes, since a transaction starts contract execution which emits events
Is there anything I can read to resolve the kinda? I am looking for a way to sort Ethereum transactions which I download from BigQuery (and also through web3.py actually)
I am sorting using ['block_timestamp','block_number', 'transaction_index', 'log_index'] currently
Lauri Peltonen
that doesn't make much sense. a transaction can trigger 100 events
You mean it doesn't make sense to sort by time first?
Lauri Peltonen
if you are looking for logs, then you can sort like that. but doesn't make sense if you are searching for transactions
if you are looking for transactions just forget the logs
of course, bigquery may use the term "log_index" for something else, but no idea
My terminology might be slightly unfortunate. I am interested in entries in the log
Thanks for the tips
Hi everyone, I'm a total newbie here... I'd like to ask if there's a dedicated room for all newbies in Ethereum developer ?
at 2016 i started to mine ethereum in my office and everything was on my coinomy wallet
At 2017 i was driving and the window was open
My phone suddenly fell out of my car and broke hard
In those days I wasn't very accurate person and I relied on my phone
And after the accident I lost everything and couldn't access my wallet because I didn't have anything from my wallet
I have tried a lot of ways to fix my Samsung phone but no one can help me and everybody says to say goodbye to your phone because it damaged very bad
What should I do?
Because i dont have my recovery phrase and i cant access my device
I sent this message to coinomi :

I decided some days ago to try for my Etherium too
It is not fair
I had trust in you when everybody said do not trust cryptocurrency and wallets
I had trusted to etherium when everybody was selling it I tried to mine It
I tried to mine it and hold it in your wallet

I had around 3 bitcoin in my Binance account
One day I sent 700$ bitcoin to a wrong Id address
I tried to connect them and day propose me a little money for using their bot to search their blocks and servers and finally, after 1 weak they found it and took it back to me
it is no privacy when I can't access my money; what is the difference between it or stealing my money by theft because of week privacy

When I say I didn’t join my wallet in late of 2017 or early 2018 It is the right clue and it showed im saying right because I'm the owner of it and I didn't join it from that time because I couldn't
The next clue is that most of my wallet is filled with etherium or perhaps off it

It is not private if you cant access to wallets
Because first of all, I had trust in you then I sent all my miner profit to your wallet

I'm young and I invested most of my money in mining it is not fair if I can't access to it

Secondly, I sent my broken phone to you, you can check if your wallet save device models when I was going to your wallet by it

You know, I had my recovery phrase But unfortunately I kept codes to my phone and when that accident happened i lost everything

And they just answered me :
Coinomi has zero access to your coins / funds
You cannot restore without the phrase
Always - I repeat: always - make sure you secure any seed phrase for a wallet on either a second device/machine or even better on paper that it stored in a secure location, separate from your device(s) so it can even be recovered in case your apartment etc. burns down.
With a seed phrase or other "wallet backup" your wallet contents are irretrievably lost when you lose or break the device containing the phrase
@ghost~604414de6da037398465c4bd: in your case, one thing that could in theory still work is to retrieve the data off the storage chip of the phone, for which you usually need to hire an expert
depending on how much value is on that wallet, you can decide if that is economically worth it