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Apr 2015
Apr 24 2015 13:35
@oed free collateral exists because of a corner case that hopefully will never happen
but should Maker be too greedy in its staking operations a situation might occur where there isn't enough "free ether" in the contract that can be withdrawn
free collateral means that in case such a scenario happens it is still possible to open or close positions, and distribute the claims to ether in the contract
this only really becomes relevant if black swan event happens simultaneously
the easset contract is just a copy of the generic ecoin with a different way of depositing free collateral
Apr 24 2015 14:43
been working on a concept for the coin symbol
basically a circle with a 45 degree tilted square in it, where the currency symbol can then be displayed
any thoughts?
Niran Babalola
Apr 24 2015 16:22
@Rune23 have you been paying attention to the "black swan protection" thoughts bitshares has been tossing around?
Apr 24 2015 16:29
you mean the bitasset 3.0 system?
Or the system for how a bitasset is unwinded in case of a BSE?