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    Rocky Fikki
    we are still aiming to launch at homestead, and have a working test coin on frontier
    so on frontier the coins wont have value and you wont be able to put real collateral into the contract, but we will have a fake collateral with a fake pricefeed that pretends it has real value and allow you to issue your coins according to the normal rules
    and then we will have a bunch of bounties in ether and makercoin for anyone who can find bugs
    im really excited about the new business model
    being a central bank is the strongest business model in the world, since we're literally printing money, but as long as we have the encoded rules the money won't be worthless or become inflated, and we will make a constant income stream from the interest people pay on their debts
    if liquidity becomes good enough some people will potentially pay very high interest, if you look at sites like bitfinex the APR for borrowing USD to go long BTC is about 30%
    Maker could potentially earn all that money if we provide a good enough platform
    Rocky Fikki
    So what is the status for getting all the team members in place?
    Have you looked into: https://mirror.co/
    mirror.co looks interesting. I wonder how they'll do trustless bitcoin contracts.
    We still haven't started aggressively looking for talent, but obviously will take applications from anyone who think they're a good fit
    still in the process of figuring out the best way to get our first round of dev funds
    Hello, just to share an interview about Veritasium (aka ultra-coin)
    You can learn what you need* to avoid, ☺
    Probably I am wrong, but I feel that this guy, Reggie is a scammer.
    He talk about to decentralized the market, but knowing that he is the "dealer" of his market. Data feed comes only from him.
    updated pdf version of the document i went through last hangout http://makerdao.com/Makerpitch02.pdf
    join our forum and earn 200 EUSD as a SuperUser!
    @all just made a post about the SuperUser incentive. The reward is doubled to 200 EUSD for current members of this gitter channel. http://www.reddit.com/r/ethereum/comments/37vx8u/maker_community_recruitment_100_in_edollar_to/
    @all I've created an OTC board on the new Maker discourse forum http://forum.makerdao.com/c/Maker-OTC I know several large Ether holders and currently one of them wants to sell ether at 1.5 USD per Ether
    If there are no exchanges ready at launch then people will still be able to buy and sell directly from each other on the OTC forum using bitcoin with bitrated escrow. Anyone that wants to buy or sell ether are also free to contact me, and I will broker a deal with a buyer or seller for free.
    I also posted on /r/ethereum but it was deleted unfortunately. I still hope we can get some ether volume going at frontier launch though.
    Maybe it's better to make it as an ad.
    Though I assumed it would be allowed to make a single post linking to the forum
    it has a really good cpc so i guess it's okay, but i only slapped it together in like 5 minutes so it probably needs to be better
    Rocky Fikki
    Any status update, we are getting close to frontier.....
    Is edollar intended to be some ultra-stable currency? (assuming you believe euros/dollars are stable)
    @linagee right now the eDollar is actually on hold, as we are focusing on developing a more low level backing instrument called the dai (in a sense this can be considered a rebrand, as we want to hold back the eDollar brand back until we can deliver a perfect user experience)
    but yes, the dai and eDollar are intended to eventually be the safest way for a person to store their money.
    Kobi Gurkan
    the dai whitepaper is good
    i think i finally understand it
    how's it going btw?
    the examples in the whitepaper help a lot to someone who doesn't know economy enough like me
    Nikolai Mushegian
    going good
    @Rune23 let's make a gitter for our real maker github
    Joseph Pentland
    the dai is going to be like XRP right?
    btw is there a more active chat room for maker than this? or just forum?
    Nikolai Mushegian
    forum is the best place right now
    slack is best for real time
    actually we just linked NexusDevelopment gitter into our slack
    and MakerDAO
    Anthony Cros
    it would be great for gitter to be the main channel though, no license required
    How do I add a room called ethereumbuilders/artcoins
    ZeroBlock Added Ethereum Real Time Market Data finally http://zeroblocks.com/
    hello from the future 😅