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    so if hashing power is 40 (contract) and power consumption would be 140 according to cost calculator you sent me @rfikki (thanks) then cost / KW is .12.
    any variable here @rfikki ? this is the deal the way I see it, profit seems high to me based on what figures im seeing in that cryptocompare
    Rocky Fikki
    Here is another calculator, choose your poison carefully: https://etherscan.io/ether-mining-calculator
    so i sign up at Genesis and give them a bitcoin addresss when time to cash out or they ask for that when i send bitcoin payment?
    ok i bought a mining contract woohoo!
    thanks for the profits Ethereum!
    Hello. We are looking for a DApps engineer to join our team. Basically Solidity, JavaScript, ReactJS and Node.js Skill required to build a trading exchange. Email contact@bolenum.com
    @frankrbruno Yes, i mainly use coinbase
    in the geth console i know you have base commands admin. eth. personal. etc.how can you list options from within console?
    i am running windows 10 and 1.6.6 geth stable
    https://www.genesis-mining.com/a/992655 use discount code n15cJU can pay with btc or credit card. 2 clicks you are mining.
    Hi there. Dunno where this room came from but it seems to have found me.
    How are you guys?
    I'm currently broadcasting @ 88.9 MHz via FM radio if anyone can boost my signal from a distance. Here's my location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/IC65KuiRNxPm1Pnr2
    https://wcex.co/?ref=5hZIvT4 WCX Giveaway, new exchange, ICO 10.10.17 and if you hold tokens, you get cut of fees from exchange
    Hello al
    Hello to @btcmacroecon
    hello...https://www.genesis-mining.com/a/992651 discount code n15cJU 50 M/H ethereum payout is every 3 days, .05 or more. Very happy. Can pay with credit card. Get some
    B-Bizzy Muzik
    Sup yall
    I need a lil help
    One thing I did try was a shape-shift transfer of potcoin for ether, from bittrex to my etherium wallet in ed. Igot that transction right. But this transaction I want to trade ad token (ADT)from bittrex to etherdelta. My question is do I need an ad token wallet in ed or I could just send it to my etherium wallet? or use my public address in ed? This is the only part that gets tricky for me
    Sam Lavery
    use the public address from ed
    on shapeshift
    Hey there, looking for investors who want to look at my White Paper and tell opinion about the project. Please talk to me at privet. tnx
    Sam Lavery
    i love white papers
    If you look in etherscan to your balance in my account balance is this my balance
    @noelsbaccy yes
    I need help
    With setting a gas price I think
    i set it to 37 yet still I get an error message for any transaction I am attempting
    anybody know when Genesis Mining is going to have more contracts available?
    Pierre Schiffer
    https://discord.gg/nvNUQ5V a new pump and dump group is born
    Ahmmed Aion chowdhury
    Please some one can help me?
    still I can’t get my ETH back to my account
    That EtherDelta took
    When I was trying to buy tokens
    I couldn’t get the tokens
    How to issue your own virtual currency on the ether square


    А к вам пришёл AVO???🤠🥑@AvocadoToken
    💸Специально для держателей @CryptoKitties
    Присоединяйтесь: https://t.me/AVOcadoToken #token #ETH #cryptocurrency #AvocadoToken #AVO #токен

    hello, how to explore block data in a blockchain using web3.js?
    Kimberly K Gardner
    I'm needing help configuring wallets. I need someone with alot of experience and notible trust.

    hi, I am using Pragma and Metamask to create and deploy contract (using kovan testnet) but when I try to deploy my contract, it gives me error message like this : You need some ETH
    Looks like you don't have any ETH on Kovan.

    You can click here to get some.

    Get some ETH.

    I have 4 Eth in my account

    my weixin:q832303
    welcome plustoken