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Repo info
    hello support team Team
    who can we discuss with.
    The RIPT Riptidecoin buy/sell orders stacking up.
    That ICO bonus is now over but you can still get easy coins on the website or etherDelta. It's looking good so far guys! The pool is working fine and all traders/users seeing profits. https://etherdelta.com/#RIPT-ETH riptide is only trading on etherdelta at this time or you must buy coins directly at https://riptidecoin.com
    wanting to add to this exchange support

    Sorry, We are unable to locate the Transaction Hash


    You tried to send an Ethereum transaction but there was an error. Make sure you have enough ETH in your "Wallet" column to pay for the gas fee. If you already have a pending transaction (enter your address on Etherscan to find out), please wait for it to confirm, or increase your "gas price" (in the upper right dropdown) and try again.
    Gas price 37
    Why like this
    Por favor
    Luis Rodrigues



    Please stay away from it now, and never, never, never, never give your private key.

    If you use etherdelta and want to verify your account balance to see if everything is ok, use: https://deltabalances.github.io

    If you want to have access to your funds on etherdelta and transfer it to your ethereum wallet, follow these instructions: https://www.reddit.com/r/EtherDelta/comments/6hrxjw/etherdelta_guides_for_first_time_users/dn6heno


    Pooja Singh
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    O&GSafety Conference
    this 3 day since i placed an order that was success but i cannot find it in my etherdelta wallet - my smartscan say the transaction is out instead of it to be in. i need tech support to help fix this issues. appreciate your time and effort
    O&GSafety Conference
    tthis 3 day since i placed an order that was success but i cannot find it in my etherdelta wallet - my smartscan say the transaction is out instead of it to be in. The funds is still in my transaction. i need tech support to help fix this issues. appreciate your time and effort
    this 3 days funds in transaction but cannot find trades
    O&GSafety Conference
    how can i get the funds lodged in my transaction back to my ether delta wallet. no order to cancel, no trades posted.


    We are pleased to announce with the end of 2017 comes the end of our public sale post ico. It has been an amazing journey with the community help building this giant and putting it into orbit! We have grown since launch price $4.20! Now sitting at $10 or about 0.0141 ETH. Congratulation to those who took profits on EtherDelta. Moreover BIG THANKS to ALL THAT HODL RiPT!

    Road Map from birth to 2018 will be available on our site soon after the new year.

    For those who don't know our story please read our White Paper and visit www.riptidecoin.com

    Join us in building the best way to trade and buy anything in high-risk safely and QUICKLY.

    Not just a "Pot Coin". We provide personal safety, service and worth to the billion $$ yearly green rush!

    Jan 1st 2018 marks the start of legalization of adult use of MARIJUANA in California.

    We have been working with as many State registered dispensaries as we can contact to provide a cryptocurrency with the diligence and safety needed in our GROWING marketplace for P2P barter in the store and direct.

    We are with your support providing the world with P.O.S BUSINESS SOFTWARE Absolutely FREE for the Marijuana industry as an alternative to the so called "free" MMJmenu p.o.s software.

    MMJmenu is good at the first glance but users will find it is owned fully by a million $$ monster called "WEEDMAPS" which is easily tracking all its dispensary owners sales numbers unfairly and under the cloak.

    We found this unfair since weedmaps.com is the largest advertising agency in the marijuana industry.

    Rumors they own some of the larger dispensary Services in California USA and elsewhere in legal states.

    No business or ORG wants the largest corporate competitor knowing your every move in real-time.

    This is just one type of major problem we aim to fix in 2018 as the states across the world are growing legal with little to safeguard its existing customers from the abuse or corporate takeover.

    All these facts drove us as industry players and motivators to push our SSTT software System to top priority in early 2018.

    We decided to offer RIPTIDE Seed-to-sale track&Trace (SSTT) Free to all registered licensed store owners and the RIPT coin is now available for anyone to hold for profits or purchase goods for the convenience.

    Weedmaps seems to hold a monopoly on the advertising and we plan to level the playing fields for the industry by 2019 with your HELP.

    We also plan to provide digital credit cards as well as an option with our RiptideCoin.

    Keep an eye for the roadmap with details and follow us. Thanks for joining. -Riptidecoin.com

    O&GSafety Conference
    how can i get the funds lodged in my transaction back to my ether delta wallet. since there is no order to cancel, no trades posted.
    vLETS GO GET MRP Token
    RATE : Pre ICO 1 MRP = 0.0005 eth
    Buy now. cashback 100% in 10 day..
    ICO 25 febuary 2018 is 0.001 Eth
    Lending Program Price is for 14.5$ per 1 MRP start on March 2018
    Wallet support : Erc20 Support Wallet
    Example : Myeteherwallet / Metamask
    MAX Supply 28.000.000 MRP
    SELL 8.000.000 MRP
    LINK ==>https://etherdelta.com/#0xc2dc9e39a9e66439d85f7377dfac6749868cb3b7-ETH
    Hi , I am new to the ETHEREX , i use this https://github.com/etherex/etherex and install in my loacl system, But testnet not connect with this one , it show the The Ethereum block chain is not current and is fetching blocks from 0 peers. how to resolve this one and connect with testnet in my local machine ?? Anyone please help to resove this one
    And also i face issues from react js
    Issues :Warning: You are manually calling a React.PropTypes validation function for the id prop on Popover. This is deprecated and will throw in the standalone prop-types package. You may be seeing this warning due to a third-party PropTypes library. See https://fb.me/react-warning-dont-call-proptypes for details.
    Hi , i faced this issues : Error loading for accounts , The method db_putHex its not exist or not available how to recover this problem , anyone have idea please share your inputs
    GYM Rewards 🚀
    HI Guys, can any ERC20 token be added to the exchange
    Hi Guys any one can have idea on Dynamic Harmonizing Adjustment Reward Masternode Algorithm
    mega director
    Send 5.00 ETH to 0xF07376F3222f3B579d77C1f300434d48Fbfb0419
    Anyone has an idea to do pip install pyethash? Having errors with the windows installation of etherex
    ethered still work?
    i installed it but it doesnt work
    I get error message: Error loading accounts. the method db_put does not exist is not available
    What I can do to fix this issue
    cryptolord developer
    what news in here?
    Hello cryptolord
    can you please give me some while to speak with you
    Hi guys
    I'm opening my own decentralized exchange , if you want to help and become a part of my team send me a msg thanks !
    @DexSwitch hola
    Gravel Coin (GRV)
    @DexSwitch congrats! I'm launching a token and I'm interested in listing.
    Free 10$ XLM