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Apr 2018
Daniel A. Nagy
Apr 10 2018 12:33
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Balint Gabor
Apr 10 2018 12:33
Daniel A. Nagy
Apr 10 2018 12:36
Apr 10 2018 18:11
@nonsense re: channel capacity in outbox pss; we just need to keep a counter to check if capacity is reached, right? Or did you have some other magic in mind?
Apr 10 2018 20:17
@janos I must admit I'm not able to fully grasp the logic of this full kademlia function. Mind walking me through it tmrw morning?
Viktor Trón
Apr 10 2018 20:45
yes i am happy to but it is much simpler than it looks: peerpot records the gods view of the sim network and indexes which nodes have which nearest neighbours for real and which buckets can be empty legitimately (cos there are actually really no peers to be found there).
a node is healthy if the node is 1) connected to at least one node in each bin upto and excluding d and 2) connected to all nodes within bins > d
now in an arbitrary network 1) might not be tenable yet we can define health as (as healthy as can be), i.e.. connected to at least one node in each bin, if there is one
this is what full function is checking, i.e., the saturation / completeness of the table
Apr 10 2018 20:54
@zelig yes I understand the high level stuff. I meant the actual code itself
Janoš Guljaš
Apr 10 2018 22:47
@nolash of course
We can talk in the morning about the pr
Anton Evangelatov
Apr 10 2018 23:46
@nolash there is another mechanism to do that without a counter
will comment on the PR