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Jun 2016
Jun 08 2016 13:10
nice work kemon, almost everything look perfect
just one tiny thing, I think rocks on the right in this pic ( look better with original textures
the one of yours looks like it wasnt applied properly to the surface
btw, may I ask what's the progress on replacing pak0 textures with HQ ones?
Jun 08 2016 13:26
@Dragonji regarding the rocks, do you think the new one looks worse because of the texture or how it is displayed here (obvious seam)?
For Dingenskirchen beta 2 I'm reading into this tutorial by Backsnipe to use Blender for terrain texturing
With this technique there will be no seams visible, but if the texture itself is the problem I need to look into that again
There is no further progress on the textures right now. Beta1 is ready and waiting for the 2.75 release
I'm not saying they are perfect, because I know of many that aren't, but I don't have the time to focus on that right now. For a free community project I think they are good and for beta 1 they are perfectly suitable.
Right now my focus should be on maps so we can deliver some 'own' maps maybe even 2016