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Aug 2016
Aug 07 2016 07:42
is there anybody who can tell med the difference on .MDS and .MDM files?
Aug 07 2016 10:05
jeez its hard to make clothes!!!
Aug 07 2016 16:02
.MDS is an older RTCW skeletal model, the difference with .MDS and .MDM is that the 'newer' .MDM only holds the vertex information (tex coors and vertex weights) and it requires the .MDX file to actually make an animation
the RTCW's .MDS file holds both the animations and the model data while in ET the information are separated into 2 different files
that makes it possible to have smaller file sizes since the different models can share the animations (which is how the player animations are in ET)
but in RTCW every single model file also has all the animation information duplicated
alas it wastes disc space
But the way the files are structured and how they work are very similar to each other, and they both were a precursor to the .md5 format that Doom3 uses