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  • Apr 24 2019 23:11
    RamyAllam commented #1
  • Apr 17 2018 16:06
    luispimenta opened #1
Do Ha Son
I do not open all port for the server, so I guess that I will need to open some ports to get the control panel talk to my server daemon?
Etopian Inc.
You need to open port 8999 for devoply to talk to the daemon...
devoply deploys its own daemon and secures it using ssl and a login and password
Hi, I've only come across this product today and it looks pretty cool but i'm having some teething issues.. i've spun up a server and run the script provided, but connectivity between devoply and the server seems to go up and down a lot. I've opened 8999 on the firewall but still happens
Etopian Inc.
The daemon on the server also needs to be able to talk to DEVOPly and it does that over the SSL port. Port 443. So make sure stuff on the server can call out at port 443.
I restarted my server and the site dont work any more! how do i start it again?
When i want to start the Container i get a erorr massage and the url is "https://manager.devoply.com/docker/156/$site_path/start"
  1. I want to change the domain and doing it by cloning site dont work. after clicking on the clone -> CONFIRM , i get redirected to "https://manager.devoply.com/sites/wordpress/bil.dev.ehsan-pourhadi.com/backups/310/clone" and get a json massage ""<i class=\"fa fa-spin fa-spinner\"></i> Clone in progress."" . and nothing get copy
Etopian Inc.
send the login details to contact@devoply.com and I will take a look at it. thanks.
Tnx, mail sent!
Hello, will DEVOPly become self-hosted?
Hneri Pasovara
Hi Dev & Ops people. Question related to documentation at main page of wordpressdocker.com - There's mention like "#Copy your WP install here, if you don't have one simply download WP and put that here" but it is not telling me much. What is "your WP install"? Or where do I download it? I have traditional WP still running where I could copy needed files - if I would know what files are required.
Hey - I was trying to create a new WordPress site on a freshly configured server, however, I see a message container already exists, please delete. What could be the reason?
Tried with another domain name and the same container exists message. Have sent you the details via email to contact@devoply.com
Hi @etopian - can you please help.
Tried re-installing, checked if there are any running containers and there are none, still the control panel says, container is already existing. :(
anybody here can help?
Hi - is there anything such as an uninstall script? I was trying this out on a personal server, have removed the server from the dashboard, but wanted to clean up my server as well.
Or do I have to manually delete all the docker images and whatnot
Has anyone been able to get the DNS working with their AWS keys? I followed the instructions a few times, entered keys and it shows as invalid every try.
Kevin P
Having 2 issues.
first... clicking on "Docker" in the left hand nav is throwing a 404 error: http://prntscr.com/itze4z
second, fresh install ubuntu 16.04, added my server, now am attempting to add a site. All fields in the form seem to be fine, except "Docker Images" never populates.
Cory Moore
DNS with AWS keys won't work. Server won't provision. 404 page for docker. Does this thing suck or what? It's a nice idea but not ready for prime time.
Robert C
@kpirnie I got the same 2 issues
is this project not abandoned?
I'm having the same issues as @robert1112 and @pelachile
same here. docker images dropdown never populates, and route53 aws keys say "not valid". and here i was getting all excited about devoply... clearly not yet mature.
Etopian Inc.
okay the problem with the dropdown should be fixed. we'll tackle the route53 issue soon.
Hello everyone. How do I install "let's encrypt" in the devoply.com control panel?
I added the wordpress site, I enabled the automatic certificate installation, but I can not access my site through "https: //"
Sanchez Mathieu
Why can't we create a new wordpress site with www on the domain name ?
Haroon Q. Raja
Hello everyone!
Is the automatic certificate installation broken?
I chose the option when creating my website, but https didn't work. (I made sure to add the valid A record for the domain first.)
@etopian Is this project active?
Haroon Q. Raja
Also, if I don't choose automatic certificate installation when setting up the site, how do I install it later?
Oh and I also can't seem to add multiple SSH keys; the + button does nothing, and the only key I've added shows up in the input box. (I have saved multiple times.) There doesn't seem to be a way to delete it either; emptying the text boxes for name and key and saving doesn't remove it.
Devoply looked quite promising when I came across it but now that I've tried it out, I can't use it in production before these two major issues (SSL installation and SSH key management) get sorted.
Haroon Q. Raja
Oh and how about system user management? I'd want to disable root access and use different system users as owners of each site...is that feature planned?
Hi, I found the ssl certification function is not working. I can only access http://. And when I click the first post automatically generated by wordpress which starts by https://, it comes to 500 Internal Server Error. Anyone have the same issue?
What was you reason behind deploying containers to a single host vs a swarm cluster??
It appears that creating new WP sites through the dashboard is no longer working, it says that "site creation is queued" but site never gets created. Is anyone else experiencing this?
Looks like it was fixed! Thanks.
Hello !
Is this still in development?
Maxim Orlovsky
Hi all
does anybody tried to use openlitespeed instead of nginx?
any help?
Hello. When i try cofigure DNS - i get error: Your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key were not valid. But this is 100% vaild data.