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Repo info
  • Apr 24 2019 23:11
    RamyAllam commented #1
  • Apr 17 2018 16:06
    luispimenta opened #1
Hello !
Is this still in development?
Maxim Orlovsky
Hi all
does anybody tried to use openlitespeed instead of nginx?
any help?
Hello. When i try cofigure DNS - i get error: Your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key were not valid. But this is 100% vaild data.
Anyone help with the install-devoply.sh script? Literally does nothing for me on my Ubuntu VPS!!!
Devoply looked quite promising when I came across it but now that I've tried it out, I can't use it in production before these two major issues (SSL installation and SSH key management) get sorted.
Agreed- gr8 in theory...poorly executed :(

Hi, I found the ssl certification function is not working. I can only access http://. And when I click the first post automatically generated by wordpress which starts by https://, it comes to 500 Internal Server Error. Anyone have the same issue?

I have the same issue

Roberto Rubio
Hi guys, I am getting an error 500 when trying to log in to any site I spin up. Any hints?
@etopian ^
Fajr Yassin
I can not add my first site, Docker Image still loading and in red color
hien dang
I can not install PHPMyadmin on Devoply. Anyone help me :(
Does anyone use this?
hello, do you have reseller/white label program?
Gorilla Funds
Hello, is it possible to automatically add a wordpress container via API or something like this?
I think thi sis a abandoned projct
Daniel Osarokutamwen
Hello, anyone still attending to this project?
Are there other alternatives?

It looked like such an interesting project and I had hope that if it was really dead they might open source the code so we can run this dashboard on our own.

I tried contacting the owner via their contact form but not reply :-(

The panel doesn't work
I always get this error whenever I try to access any option like servers, sites ... etc (Error (#8)
An internal server error occurred.)
Im getting the same errors.. this has so much promise. I hope it isn't dead
ive been on the hunt for something like devoply.com as it seems to have alot of neat features an option idea i came across was using https://enhance.com/
the above (Enhance.com) can be used in works with https://upmind.com/ which is a new take on alternatives this 2022 regarding WHMCS and other billing panels / mind you tho upmind isnt just for webhosts