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Apr 2015
Malchevskiy Misha
Apr 03 2015 02:35
I’ve tried 3.3.1, but it doesn’t work. junitxml works, but the outdir is target/test-reports
It works if I start it from within sbt with this syntax: test-only -- junitxml junit.outdir shippable/testresults/. But I’d like to run tests from bash, to start them from CI server
Eric Torreborre
Apr 03 2015 08:30
I don’t know how -D values are passed from sbt bash script to test commands but you can do the following ./sbt “; test-only — junitxml junit.outdir shippable/testresults/" from a bash script. Also I tried to pass the junit.outdir as a system property from Intellij and things worked fine, so I suspect that the system properties you use when you start sbt are not “transmitted” to any java process started by sbt itself
Malchevskiy Misha
Apr 03 2015 09:43
Thank you!