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Nov 2015
Sascha Kolberg
Nov 12 2015 12:23 UTC
Hi, I'm using Specs2 2.4.17 in a MultiProject trying to generate a a global html index of specifications in '<root>/target/specs2-reports' using the 'org.specs2.runner.SpecificationsFinder.specifications'.
Tor the most part this is working greatly. However, there is one sub-project where I'm testing Slick, which I need to fork in Test := true.
This setting has the effect that the reports for the mentioned sub-project are generated in '<root>/<sub-project>/target/specs2-reports' instead of '<root>/target/specs2-reports'.
The Specifications are listed in the index, but the links are dead because they point to the wrong target folder.
Is there a way to pass a different target to a forked test by Tests.Argument?