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Mar 2016
Arya Irani
Mar 22 2016 17:05
@etorreborre I'm getting a java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: scalaz/stream/Process$WriterSyntax$ in$$anonfun$runFoldLast$1.apply and trying to figure out what version of scalaz-stream it wants
any suggestions?
I have a but not
(if that's even what it's looking for)
Eric Torreborre
Mar 22 2016 18:22
Sorry I am not on my laptop now
Suhail Shergill
Mar 22 2016 20:11
from the cli how would i disable a test which has been tagged as "slow"? could someone give me an example invocation?
Suhail Shergill
Mar 22 2016 20:50
nvm my problem was in incorrectly tagging