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Jul 2016
Edmondo Porcu
Jul 10 2016 08:13
@etorreborre I tried in any ways to pass down jvm arguments to specs2 runner in a custom configuration: using javaOptions, using testArgument, using Test.Setup and none of them seems to work
show intTest:testOptions
[info] List(Argument(Some(TestFramework(WrappedArray(org.specs2.runner.Specs2Framework, org.specs2.runner.SpecsFramework))),List(failtrace)), Argument(Some(TestFramework(WrappedArray(org.specs2.runner.Specs2Framework, org.specs2.runner.SpecsFramework))),List(failtrace)), Setup(<function1>), Argument(None,List(-Dcom.instapartners.kraken.testmode=integration)))
[success] Total time: 0 s, completed 10-Jul-2016 10:12:34
show intTest:javaOptions
[info] List(-Dcom.instapartners.kraken.testmode=integration)
[success] Total time: 1 s, completed 10-Jul-2016 10:12:59
Eric Torreborre
Jul 10 2016 14:40
The best thing is to follow the recommendations in the User Guide, to get command-line arguments
Edmondo Porcu
Jul 10 2016 14:58
that's not exactly what I am looking for
I don't really need to pass command line arguments all down the stack, just a -D environment variable when the tests are forked
Edmondo Porcu
Jul 10 2016 15:09
so I found out what the reason is