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Jul 2016
Eric Torreborre
Jul 11 2016 06:27

my inclination would be to just use command line arguments and have 2 sbt commands

addCommandAlias("testUnit", "; testOnly * -- unit")
addCommandAlias("testIntegration", "; testOnly * —i integration”)

then check for the presence of unit or integration on the command line to know which database to use

That being said you can also use the -Dspecs2.commandline value to inject any kind of command-line arguments you want
Edmondo Porcu
Jul 11 2016 07:12
that I like except that all my spec will need to have a different structure, while a -D environment variable is more transparent. But maybe because it is more transparent maybe it's worse. I'll think about.
concerning other topics, how do you generate markdown from Scala?
Eric Torreborre
Jul 11 2016 07:36
there is some basic support for markdown output from specifications in specs2: