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Oct 2016
Edmondo Porcu
Oct 29 2016 15:21
Hello, sbt is running an excluded example. I have managed to correctly use exclusion so I am thinking there must be something that went wrong in tagging the fragment
whwere's the entry point of the runner that takes a specificationStructure?
It doesn't go through classrunner apparently
Edmondo Porcu
Oct 29 2016 15:44

I was actually able to repro the issue, it looks like in the following s2 snippet

  Advancing correctly advances installments ${AdvanceContext().advanceInstallments} ${tag("integration-only")}
  Get the single advance contract
           works ${AdvanceContext().advanceContract}

the tag is attached to the wrong fragment (Get the single advance contract)

Edmondo Porcu
Oct 29 2016 15:54
ok problem solved, someone has used a mutable Specification. When will those be removed from the codebase? :D