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Nov 2016
Andrea Bessi
Nov 30 2016 16:23
@etorreborre Hello Eric! Thanks for the help! The solution you proposed works correctly. Is there a way, however, to have the results list the outcome of each test contained in each Specification?

In other words, instead of having this outcome:


  • Spec1
  • Spec2

Would it be possible to have the following one?


  • Spec1
    • test1
  • Spec2
    • test2
Eric Torreborre
Nov 30 2016 16:33
You can do something like this but you will not get a summary for each spec
class MasterSpec extends Specification with BeforeAll { def is =

  "parent spec".title ^ br ^
    Fragments.foreach(List(new Spec1, new Spec2)) { s =>
      s"Specification ${}" ^ br ^ ^ br

  def beforeAll = {println("initialize the system");()}

Edmondo Porcu
Nov 30 2016 16:50
mmmm @etorreborre this doesn't help much
I won't be able to undersyand which examples failed on my CI
ah no summary only