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Feb 2017
Karel Čemus
Feb 27 2017 15:19 UTC
Hi all, may I ask what changed between versions 3.8.6 and 3.8.7? After this update, many tests in my library play-redis (communicating with the redis server) became timeouting in this new version. (in 3.8.8 as well). I must have significantly increased (like 10 times) waiting time to avoid timeout exception while communicating to the server. Any thoughts on what could cause this change? Otherwise there are no changes in my code, clean compilation and version 3.8.6 works like a charm.
Eric Torreborre
Feb 27 2017 16:49 UTC
There were some big implementation changes (to remove the internal scalaz stream code). I am going to investigate your issues
Karel Čemus
Feb 27 2017 19:01 UTC
@etorreborre Thanks for your efforts. Btw, shouldn't big changes result in at least minor version update? I was not expected any issues in bugfixes updates.