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Feb 2017
Eric Torreborre
Feb 28 2017 13:33
I'm definitely not good at semantic versioning but since this was not a version with API changes I thought it was ok to just bump the patch version. My recommendation is 'always read the release notes' :-). Which in that case is not easy because which is where I used to send all my notes is down.
Eric Torreborre
Feb 28 2017 16:46
@KarelCemus can you please try 3.8.8-20170228162720-a7d4c14?
this is an improvement, because there are no timeouts but there seems to be some contention at the end of the run
Eric Torreborre
Feb 28 2017 17:20
I get back with the same perf as 3.8.6 by passing the unbatched argument on the command line (this is not yet a "released" option). I still don't fully understand why but I will look into that
Karel ńĆemus
Feb 28 2017 20:59
Yeah, I was looking for a changelog but didn't find it back then. Now I did. I'm sorry for my sloppiness. However, I tried your special release and it works again like a charm! Thanks.