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Mar 2017
Adelbert Chang
Mar 10 2017 22:59
@etorreborre are you aware of differences in behavior for mocks in Scala 2.10.x vs. 2.12.x ? this test i'm running works fine and passes on 2.10.x then if i switch to 2.12.x i get:
[error]  org.mockito.exceptions.base.MockitoException: 
[error]  Cannot call real method on java interface. Interface does not have any implementation!
[error]  Calling real methods is only possible when mocking concrete classes.
[error]    //correct example:
[error]    when(mockOfConcreteClass.doStuff()).thenCallRealMethod();
it may also not be so much Scala 2.10 vs 2.12 as it is JDK7 vs JDK8